Classifieds » Shopping » Myristica Fragrans Exporters in India

Classifieds » Shopping » Myristica Fragrans Exporters in India

Myristica Fragrans Exporters in India

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  • Location Rajasthan, India [map]


Nutmeg | Jaayaphal | Myristica Fragrans

Nutmeg is essentially the seed or ground spice of the many species of the Myristica . Nutmeg bourgeois from India export tonnes of Nutmeg abroad annually . The annual production of Nutmeg in India is around 14,000 - 16,000 Metric Tons. Nutmeg export from India therefore has been increasing year once year. due to the numerous uses and edges of Nutmeg in numerous fields, the Indian nutmeg exporter contains a pleasant chance to export his merchandise abroad. Nutmeg export has been on the rise thanks to this rising demand for Nutmeg worldwide.

Nutmeg is used in several industries today. it's healthful and health edges uses within the manufacturing business so on then forth. The nutmeg bourgeois in India export nutmeg abroad once careful testing and quality checks place in place by the govt . The nutmeg import from India is therefore safe and your merchandise can reach the destination contemporary and on time.

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