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Pokémon BDSP: Do you know the meaning of these town names?

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    A remake of the 4th generation game, Pokémon BDSP takes place in the Sinnoh region, reimagining all towns with new and improved graphics. Of course, all towns have kept their names from the original, as would be expected from a faithful remake. Since the beginning of the series, towns in much of the Pokémon region have been named after conventions around a specific theme, with Pokémon Red and Green being known for towns named after colors.

    The colorful town names in Kanto also carry over to the 2nd and 3rd generations, although the towns in these areas are slightly more complex. The town name of Johto is a combination of plants and colors, and the town name of Hoenn is a combination of plants or metals with geographical features. However, Sinnoh is the first Pokémon region in Gen 4 to break out of the thematic naming scheme, and instead name its towns to reflect its landmarks or distinctive qualities of its culture. While some names are self-explanatory and make sense once the player steps into town, others can be a bit obscure.

    Pokémon BDSP: Twinleaf Town Name Meaning

    Twinleaf Town is the hometown of players in BDSP, as well as the hometown of players' opponents. Both started their adventures from here and went on to become the best Pokémon trainers in the region, so it's no coincidence that the name Futaba is just a combination of the words "twin" and "Ye," referring to the Two evenly matched coaches. The town is also surrounded by trees in the rural area of ​​Sinnoh, making Futaba a very green starting point with lots of foliage around.

    Pokémon BDSP: Sandgem Town Name Meaning

    The town of Sandgem by Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is named after the bright sandy beach on the south side of the town, some of which spills onto the town. Incredibly pleasant, this seaside village is known for its salty ocean smell, making it a hidden gem tucked away in a remote area of ​​Sinnoh. Professor Rowan's research lab can also be found here, while the Pokémon Center in Shajem Town is the first place players can visit in the game.

    Pokémon BDSP: Jubilife City Name Meaning

    Combining the words "jubilant" and "life", the name Jubilife reflects the lively, upbeat vibe of Jubilife City. Arriving at Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as the first major city players, Jubilife City gives the impression of a vibrant, bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. It is also the largest city in the Pokémon BDSP.

    Not only is Jubilife TV located here, but there are many other attractions in the city. These include the Trainer School, Pokétch Company and Jubilife Condominiums. Because of this, players may find themselves returning to multiple towns in Jubilife City over the course of the main story.

    Pokémon BDSP: Oreburgh City Name Meaning

    As the mining city of Sinnoh, Oreburgh City got its name from the abundance of ore that can be found in and around the city. The ore dug up in the Oreborg mines is the main source of energy for the city and its livelihood, and many citizens bring their Pokémon to work in the mines. The mine is run by Roark, the Gym Curator in Oreburgh City, and when trainers defeat him, he grants them the Coal Badge.

    Pokémon BDSP: Floaroma Town Name Meaning

    The town's name is a combination of "flower" and "aroma," referring to the fragrant flower fields that fill the town. This town is filled with all the loveliest things nature has to offer, including berries and honey and beautiful flowers. According to legend, the hill built in Hualien Town was once a barren wasteland, and flowers would not grow, but when the villagers began to express their gratitude to nature, the whole hill suddenly began to bloom. Some players speculate that this is one of BDSP's legendary Pokémon, Blessing of Shaymin, a grass-type Pokémon associated with gratitude. There are BDSP Held Items for Sale.

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