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Will there be DLC for Pokemon BDSP? What will it be like?

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    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are the first ordinary Pokemon games in a while, which makes them weird games. Pokemon Legends: Arceus flips that formula on its head and takes us back to the early days of Pokemon. Legends feel like it could be part of the future, either the 9th-gen game mixes some of those elements into Wild Area's version, or the Legends series continues in other regions, like Pokemon Legends: Celebi. Before BDSP, we had Sword and Shield, which was a fairly typical Pokemon game, but with DLC expansions instead of a third wrap-up entry. BDSP is a fairly straightforward remake of the original Diamond & Pearl game that feels sandwiched in the middle, let down by their reliance on the safe play. But if we did get DLC for them, what would that be?

    It feels like DLC is likely to appear in these games. Although not as earth-shattering as SwSh or Legends: Arceus, BDSP sold well. Crucially, they also missed one piece of the puzzle. As we pointed out in our review, platinum has improved diamonds and pearls significantly, and it's disappointing that it hasn't been used as a frame here. After SwSh received two expansions and New Pokemon Snap got some free updates, it seems that the days of selling the third version after a double release are a thing of the past.

    Pokemon BDSP

    Even if it wasn't, it was never a remake thing. FireRed and LeafGreen are not followed by PissYellow, nor are HeartGold and SoulSilver following CryogenicallyfrozencorpseCrystal. Yellow didn't get a remake until Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee, and Crystal is still waiting for another game -- at least until Let's Go Johto becomes a thing.

    That means the Perfect Platinum may not arrive. But BDSP isn't the final remake it should be, and it's been surpassed by games that came out 13 years ago. That means there must be some kind of DLC planned to make it more in line with what Platinum has already delivered. Some players have even reportedly successfully used the Surf exploit, like in the good old days of Safari Park cheats, and using it to travel to log into the game currently locks you out. Are they the remainder of the game planned, partially developed, and then scrapped, or are they placeholders for future unreleased content? Even if they're future content, as the presence of Shaymin and Darkrai suggests, they're likely to be in-game events rather than full DLC.

    BDSP has some links with Legends: Arceus, which may also be a factor. Games need to be launched one after the other on either side of the holiday, which can affect development, but it also means that BDSP can't do much of its own because of the need to maintain links. Release the legend, maybe the game has more freedom to embrace the element that platinum introduced Gen

    The Platinum Edition is a few years from the base D&P game, so if you want to connect the timeline, there's a plausible explanation for why the legend needs to hit the shelves before any BDSP DLC or any Platinum content ends, possibly into the game. If it follows the SwSh pattern, then we could get an extension of the narrative and a new, sizable area to roam, as well as introduce more Pokemon - maybe even some Hisuian 'mons, if the game can find one kind enough complex way to introduce them. Twisting the world seems like the obvious path.

    It's all still speculation, and the DLC may not arrive at all. Any new elements that the game might include may emerge through in-game events if they do. With Legends: Arceus' big move, I'd rather it and Gen 9 get all the attention, but BDSP does make a lot of money and feels incomplete, so I understand why DLC is expected, maybe even after SwSh and Snap Lay foundation. We can't be sure what it will be until it's announced, but the most likely option is a mix of the SwSh formula with the element platinum. There are Cheap BDSP Items for sale.

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