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How to get and evolve Starly in Pokémon BDSP

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    Starly in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a normal Flying-Type Starling Pokémon that evolves into Staravia and Staraptor through upgrades. The main way to encounter Starly is to use the walking method in several areas of the Sinnoh area. Spawn rates vary from site to site, as certain areas will have a lower or higher chance of Starly appearing. Keep in mind that these locations in Diamond and Pearl also have a high chance of spawning Staravia.

    Players can search for Lake Verity, Route 201, Route 202, Route 203, or Route 204. Alternatively. To enter the Great Marsh, trainers can enter the north gate of Pastoria City and must pay a fee of ₽500 to enter the Great Marsh Wildlife Area. Keep in mind that once the player has taken more than 500 steps or used all the 30× Safari Balls provided, they will need to pay again.

    After players catch Starly in the Pokémon BDSP, they upgrade the Pokémon to level 14 and evolve into Staravia. However, if the trainer catches Starly in the Big Swamp on Route 212, Route 209, or the Pokémon BDSP, it's already at a higher level than 14. To evolve it at this stage, the Pokémon must reach the next level to become a Staravia. The easiest way to do this is to feed it a Rare Candy, a consumable item that instantly upgrades a Pokémon by 1.

    How Starly in Pokémon BDSP Evolves

    To evolve a Staravia into a Staraptor, it needs to be leveled up to 34. However, if the player manages to catch an advanced Staravia in the wild, they can repeat the Rare Candy method above to instantly turn it into a Staraptor. If this is not the case, they will need to work on leveling Staravia.

    One of the best ways to level up a Pokémon quickly is to give it a Lucky Egg in the Pokémon BDSP. Lucky Eggs are equippable items that increase experience gained in battles by 1.5x, and players can collect multiple eggs during the playthrough. An easy-to-find lucky egg is in an ice cave in the big subterranean. To enter this area, players will first need to pass through Acuity Lakefront using the Explorer's Kit. Additionally, Trainers can find Lucky Eggs on captured Chanseys, or buy them from Battle Towers for 77 BP. There are BDSP Items for Sale.

    Players can capture powerful Pokémon in the Pokémon BDSP. If they want to try different battle formations, they must have more Pokémon. Then it is a bit troublesome for the trainer to capture it by himself. You can try other methods to obtain it. Buy Shiny Pokemon from the website is a good way. On many sites, of course, you should choose affordable ones. There are Pokemon BDSP For Sale at BDSP.PKMBuy, they are not only cheap and safe but also fast shipping. Besides, you can also Buy Cheap BDSP Items here. Browse more for other surprises.


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