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China: International COVID-19-related travel restrictions

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    All persons must undergo testing and a 14 day quarantine. Arrivals to Shanghai may undergo a 7-day quarantine + 7 days self-isolation at home.

    Detailed Regulations

    Resumption of Visa Processing for Vaccinated Persons

    From March 15, 2021, various Chinese embassies and consulates have announced an easing of visa restrictions for persons who can prove they have been vaccinated against COIVD-19 with a China-produced vaccine. Foreign nationals holding proof of vaccination with a China-produced vaccine, and their family members, may apply for a visa to travel to Mainland China for the resumption of work or for other permitted activities without producing additional documentation such as letters of invitation. To learn more, please visit china travel restrictions to view.This policy only applies to visa processing services offered by Chinese embassies and consulates in select locations. Travelers should contact their local Chinese embassy or consulate to determine if they are eligible to apply.

    Requirements for Travel to Mainland China

    Entry restrictions for Mainland China vary depending on departure location. All travelers are strongly advised to check with a local Chinese embassy or consulate in each jurisdiction they intend to pass through in order to confirm all testing and document verification requirements. All persons (including Chinese nationals) traveling from abroad to destinations in Mainland China must have proof of dual negative results for COVID-19 using both a nucleic acid test and a serological test for IgM antibodies. Both tests must be performed no more than 48 hours prior to departure and results must be submitted for approval to a local Chinese embassy or consulate. Chinese nationals may use the new "International Travel Health Certificate" available as a WeChat mini program. Alternatively, Chinese nationals may upload test results into their mobile Health QR Code app in order to obtain a "green" code containing an "HS" designation, which they must present to airline staff prior to boarding. Foreign nationals are advised to check with their local Chinese embassy or consulate for instructions on how to submit copies of their negative test results, their passport information page, and a signed health declaration form for inspection and verification. Foreign nationals from certain countries and regions will, upon verification of their information, receive a QR code containing an "HDC" designation, which they must present to airline staff prior to boarding. Whenever possible, travelers are strongly encouraged to book direct flights to China in order to avoid complications with testing and document verification in connecting locations. Limited exemptions to this policy exist. All persons (including Chinese nationals) must undergo a 14-day quarantine at a designated location upon arrival in Mainland China. This policy includes an option for persons entering via Shanghai to undergo a 7-day quarantine in a designated location followed by 7 days of self-isolation at home. Be advised, many provincial authorities in China have implemented additional policies and restrictions on both Chinese and foreign nationals.

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