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Wear it quickly, the heroine and the male God can't stop flirti

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    She seemed to pay attention to what he meant. She picked up his hand and said, "That's not true. You are a dumb slave." The plot that appeared in another memory, besides Du Jiusheng, was this eunuch. A mute who accompanied him for many years was weak by nature and often bullied by others. No wonder. A eunuch deep in the cold palace, the most humble eunuch in the whole palace, was naturally bullied by others. This world is the world of the law of the jungle, not to mention the palace step by step. The fastest update www.bookben.net. 2563. No Chapter 2563 the heart pleases you, you don't know (9) He looked surprised, for he had not seen the girl in front of him. But not only did she save him, she knew his name. Dumb slave looked at Luo Qingchen seriously, although she was wearing a simple light pink brocade shirt, long hair in addition to a wooden ash hairpin, there is nothing else. But she looked so beautiful in the past, her eyebrows were light, her cherry lips were not dyed and red, her star eyes were shining, and her whole body was full of the sweet fragrance of bluegrass, which was as beautiful as floating dust. The whole body exudes a different breath from ordinary people, beautiful unworldly fireworks, beautiful to the extreme. This is the dumb slave to see Luo Qingchen's first reaction,side impact door beams, he can not describe, but let the heart was greatly shocked. Uh uh -- Luo Qingchen looked at the way his hands and feet were gesturing, probably to ask her what she was doing here, followed by the cold palace, indicating that she should not move forward. Otherwise, after a while, it will be dark. I am the maid dispatched to the North Cold Palace today. Luo Qingchen raised his eyes and said with a faint smile, "We'll see each other often in the future." The dumb slave was stupefied for a moment,Precision Welded pipes, and his eyes were full of surprise. This north cold palace every day in addition to the small palace maid will come to see Du Jiusheng, no one has been deployed here for many years. Watching and dispatching are not the same, and the little ladies of the court will not let themselves live a life of not having enough food and clothing and being looked down upon in order to cross the nine lives. I am the daughter of a guilty minister, and the course of things is rather complicated. Luo Qingchen smiled helplessly and said, "Just think of it as.." Be punished! The dumb slave seemed to understand the meaning of Luo Qingchen, and made way for her to walk in the direction of the North Cold Palace. It was not until the melodious sound of the piano sounded that she realized that she had been standing outside the door for a long time. Her eyes were slightly red, and the rings of memory seemed to revive completely at this moment. The dumb slave looked at her doubtfully, and just as he was about to help her push open the palace door, Luo Qingchen pushed it open himself. Crossing nine lives, crossing nine lives, crossing nine lives.. She recited his name three times in her heart, and the cold wind touched her long eyelashes and her deep heart. Just listen to the sound of'ding ', the sound of the piano instantly enters the climax stage, high mountains and flowing water, side impact beams ,aluminium coated tubes, interlocking, people unconsciously enter the artistic conception, become nervous. Half ring, the sound of the piano falls. So far, he stroked the guqin between the slender, slowly raised his eyes, deep eyes straight to see the depths of her star eyes, let her breathe unconsciously. The young man was still in the crowd, like pearls and jade among the tiles and stones. He was dressed in a white brocade robe, elegant but noble. Those unfathomable handsome eyes with a heavy dark light, gentle and elegant is the interpretation of him, but not the most perfect interpretation. She had seen it many times, but each time it was different. Parting is a helpless pain for her, but meeting again is a moment of fear. A thousand years at a glance is probably how she feels now. You say He opened his mouth first, with a shallow doubt in his cold voice. It was because the moment he looked at her, he felt a palpitation in his heart. Never had the feeling spread in the heart, stroking the sound of the fingertips trembling slightly. My name is Luo Qingchen, and I will be the maid of the Northern Cold Palace in the future. She put down the burden in her hands and went to him step by step. As soon as the cold wind blew, the plum blossoms in the courtyard fell with the wind, falling on her hair and on his strings. The next second, she pressed the long table with both hands, bent over him and said, "I know your name is Du Jiusheng." "You.." "And.." She immediately interrupted him and said, "Your future daughter-in-law must be called Luo Qingchen.". ” The fastest update www.bookben.net. 2564. No Chapter 256 4 The heart pleases you, you don't know (10) The first time we met, there was a faint starlight in her attentive eyes. As if the feeling is as deep as water, as if she is telling the oath. But Du Jiusheng did not know that for Luo Qingchen, she did not want to spend a lot of time guessing each other's mind. In the special plane, what she can do is very limited, which is not about strength or weakness, but many things she can not change her fate, so she can only do nothing. Because she did not know which would come first, tomorrow or the accident, she did not need to hesitate about what she was thinking. Du Jiusheng was obviously stupefied for a moment, the original frosty face was unconsciously suffused with a touch of crimson, this touch of crimson spread to the ears bit by bit, so that his heart beat desperately. Although he was a down-and-out prince in the cold palace, there were not a few people who used obscure ways to show their kindness and feelings to him on weekdays. But his heart did not have any waves because of this kind of thing, after the death of his mother and concubine, love seems to become less important. He can't even protect his mother and concubine, so how can he protect his wife. Being alone explains all his moods in the past few years. But such a state of mind was completely shattered by the woman who suddenly broke into his world. Aunt. Girl "You can call me Pouring Dust!"! I can call you.. Brother Jiusheng! "Tilt.." Du Jiusheng's beautiful eyes suddenly trembled, and his nervousness could be felt between his breaths. "Please respect yourself, girl," he said with thin lips and light teeth. When the sound fell, he got up in a panic and walked towards the inner room. Just listen to a'thump ',aluminium coated steel tube, the sound of the piano fell to the ground, he did not look back. Brother Jiusheng, you dropped your piano! "Never mind it!" 。 cbiesautomotive.com

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