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World of Roses

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    "Shenmue Island?!" Admaris suddenly stopped laughing and seemed to be thinking about what Rose meant by Shenmue Island. "What do you have to do with Shenmue Island?"! Didn't the ***ing island owner call you here? "Humph!"! Mr. Island Lord, how can you be so insulted? Mina suddenly took out her laser pistol and pointed it at Admaris, saying, "Kill those who dare to defy Shenmue Island!" The words did not fall, Mina has opened fire, only 100 meters away from the Admaris for the laser pistol with a range of 200 meters, like a big target standing in front of us. Admaris exclaimed when Mina pulled out her pistol, and with a sense of fear, he immediately re-erected the defensive array and hid his body behind the black fog. Rose guessed that he must have suffered losses under this kind of gun. Sure enough, although the laser bullet was hindered when it touched the black fog in front of him and became very slow, it still went in, which was their first effective attack! Mina, you are bad! If you bring a laser pistol and don't use it, you'll know you're wrong when you get caught. Mina smiled sheepishly and handed the gun to Rose. She took another one out and kept aiming and shooting. She explained, "The island owner stipulates that you can't expose Shenmo Island unless you have to. This evil old monster must have been secretly against us. Otherwise, why didn't he accept the invitation to train?"? If this time bomb is not removed, the plan to unify the two continents will surely be blocked. Rose nodded in agreement, then flew to one side and fired wildly at the target from another angle. Admaris was very depressed. This strange weapon could ignore his defense. If he was not careful, it would leave a big hole in his body. He had to move and dodge constantly,socket screw plug, which consumed a lot of physical strength and magic. In those days, when the people of Shenmo Island came to him, he was greedy for the super strength of the messenger and wanted to leave him as a puppet. Unexpectedly, the man suddenly took out this strange weapon and fired a shot at him, hitting him in the left chest. Fortunately, no one knew that his heart was in the right chest. The messenger thought he would die, but he did not expect to be checked at all. He escaped. However,deep draw stamping, he was afraid that Shenmue Island would come to him again, so he hid in the Dark Devil Swamp to study the undead magic. He thought that he could continue to stand high on the top of the left Mira, but unexpectedly, Shenmue Island people came again! When Admaris, who was hiding in the black fog, thought about this sad history, he was very angry. "Humph!"! No one can tell Admaris what to do! Last time you hurt me, this time, leave it all to me! Volume 6 Hua Nong Feng Yun Chapter 254 dream killing. The figure of Admaris drifted in the black fog, and Rose could not really see his movements, but she was always on guard against his mental attacks, and after hearing his shyness and indignation, she added a layer of water shield defense to herself. After aiming at Mina, metal stamping parts ,die cast light housing, she found that her body was also emitting green light, and knowing that she had noticed the defense, she was relieved to concentrate on aiming and shooting. However, the mental attack was colorless and silent, and when she saw Admaris being forced to jump and hide like a bouncy ball, laughing out loud, a sharp pain suddenly appeared in the center of her brain, her eyes were black, and she lost consciousness. When the sting was gone, she got up and found herself in a strange space, with the laser pistol still in her hand, gray and boundless all around, no sky, no earth, and gray clouds under her feet. She shouted for Mina, but no one paid attention to her. She tried to contact Luo Jie, but there was no response. No one answered when she contacted Xiaowu and Silver Line, as if she was the only one left in the world. The unprecedented sense of loneliness overwhelmed her in an instant, and the sadness wrapped around her heart. Am I going to die like this? This place is a paradise with a mother? Isn't heaven supposed to be white? Why does it look like there's dead ash everywhere? Oh, my dear husband, shall I never see you again? What will you become later? I hope Dr. Aisha can take my advice and send you to accompany me before you lose consciousness completely, so that at least you will remember what I look like. Suddenly. A tall figure came in the distance. Rose tried to open her eyes to see who he was. "It's my husband!"! It turns out that Dr. Ai Xia really heard my prayer and sent you here. Husband, I miss you so much! The rose swooped into Schroeder's arms like a swallow in the forest. But she had a strange feeling that his embrace was not as warm as before, it seemed a little cold and piercing, and his smile was not the favor of Hexi, it seemed a little.. Cruelty ? "You are not my husband!" The same dark blue Duke's uniform, the same gold buttons, the same handsome face. But from those eyes, she could not see her own reflection. Rose suddenly pushed away the man who looked like her husband and exclaimed, "Who are you?"? Why do you want to wear your husband's uniform? Why do you want to look like him? The "Schroeder" in front of him still showed that cruel smile at the corners of his mouth, as if the rose was the meat on his chopping block and could be slaughtered at will. Rose raised her arm, and in her palm, the laser pistol was shining, and her hand was shaking. Her voice was trembling. "Say it!"! Are you a husband? Who are you? There is a voice from the bottom of my heart, low tone, unusually bewitching: "He is your poor husband.". He will soon become someone else's puppet, and from then on he will live in a boundless hell, soulless, tortured.. Kill him. Kill him and you don't have to be a puppet, kill him and then you kill yourself, so you two can be together forever.. Rose's hands trembled even more, and she was a little hysterical. Nope! He is not a husband,metal stamping parts, he is someone else's change, quickly change back to your original appearance! I don't want to kill my husband, I want to live with him for thousands of years! ...... No way I'm going to kill my husband. He can't turn into a Crady puppet. That would be worse for him than death. Nope! I want to die with him. And then we'll start another romance in heaven. It'll be beautiful. 。 autoparts-dx.com

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