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    A considerable effect. As a gunner, there are not many skills with special effects. This armor-piercing cannon is rare and can be used as an output assistant. As soon as this skill comes out, it is like sounding the horn of a fierce attack. But at this moment, Su Mu Orange's Mu Yu Orange Wind is still spiraling in midair! An anti-tank gun, an armor-piercing gun, two skills, but all happened in a very short time. Next, in this state of the rain orange wind, can also make an attack? Can! With the doubts in people's hearts, a bright light fell from the sky. Su Mu Orange Feidan let Mu Yu Orange Wind make an attack, but also a very heroic big move, satellite ray! Everyone is surprised. Gunners, in particular, feel more clearly how incredible this is. In this case, even the satellite ray, which is not easy to control, can hit the opponent accurately, which is surprising compared with the previous anti-tank gun and armor-piercing gun. But, no! Huang Shaotian is worthy of Huang Shaotian, the previous armor-piercing cannon did not escape, it is because it came too fast, the rigid state has not been lifted. But the satellite ray, the launch of this skill is slower than those skills after all,polyfoil tube, although the bombardment of two skills in a row, so that the stiffness of the night rain is more aggravated, but after all, it is still a little bit worse. Just a little bit, once again captured by Huang Shaotian! Even the thrust! A rather low-level skill, the attack is not strong, as a movement, but the distance is too short. But at this time, this sudden step forward,custom cosmetic packing, but let the night rain trouble to avoid this bright satellite ray. Then one step forward, it has come out from between the scattered small rays. Cut against the wind! In the third step, the light of the sword has come out from the palm of the night rain. Between heaven and earth as if only feel this touch of blue, is a sword, or what, have been unable to see, followed by a red will be this touch of blue completely swallowed up. Hit! In midair, after all, there was no place to borrow the orange wind, and it kept rotating at a high speed, eliminating most of the recoil that she had shot out of the shell, and its position in the air was not obvious. This record of a knife cut against the wind, is to make an understanding of the floating state of the orange wind in the rain, the orange wind in the rain flew out obliquely and hit a tree at the other end. Although Su Mu orange hurriedly let Mu Yu orange wind even fired two cannons, but also can not offset the night rain annoying this powerful slay. In an instant, the scene changed into such a situation. No one expected that the battle between the swordsman and the gunner would be like this. In the general perception, plastic laminated tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, the swordsman and the gunner, that is, the gunner is running and the swordsman is chasing. Catch up, the swordsman wins; fail to catch up, the gunner wins. And now, the swordsman and the gunner are fighting inextricably at close range. This abnormal state, of course, is commendable for the gunner Su Mucheng. Close combat is extremely disadvantageous to the gunners, but she was able to take advantage of the opportunity today to bring into full play the fact that attacks made by long-range professions at close range are more difficult to evade. This successive artillery fire made the Blue Rain audience at the scene even worried about Huang Shaotian. Close combat, to the pistol artillery division, they are worried about Huang Shaotian. Looking back on the mood of that moment, they even felt incredible. At the moment, Mu Yu Orange Wind was finally cut off by the sound of the night rain, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, the previous two characters also played only a few short moves, before and after adding up, is a matter of ten seconds. But it is such a ten seconds that the content is so rich that everyone can not fully digest it for ten minutes. The game is still going on. Chop fly Mu rain orange wind, that is just the beginning, the night rain sound annoyance has already continued to catch up with the arrow. Sword Shadow Step! This time, Huang Shaotian simply put on display the sword shadow step, to prevent Su Mu orange again how Yin he once. No matter how familiar the Blue Rain player is, it is impossible to master a small pit like the one where Su Mucheng threw the lighter before. What's more, in the competition, the changes caused by the battle on the map will not be refreshed and corrected. Who knows if the pit was made or stepped on by the two players who fought before. This picture can really throw away a lot of small means. And Su Mu Orange. Huang Shaotian admitted that he was a little relaxed at the beginning, probably because his opponent was a gunner, and his mood was relaxed. This shouldn't be! Huang Shaotian reviewed himself deeply at this time. Dealing with Su Mu orange is not a day or two, but this girl has some small cunning. So, sword shadow step! In order to be close to the body, Huang Shaotian operated a seven-body sword shadow step, which was fan-shaped and surrounded by the orange wind that hit the tree and fell down. This time, he was not careless, and he saw death from all angles. Su Mu Orange will attack in the fall, and the cannon will adjust the displacement of the role, which Huang Shaotian has long thought of. Boom! Mu rain orange wind unexpectedly made an attack, only seven sword shadows, Su Mu orange for a time do not know which is the real body, she can only simply use this attack to boost the movement of Mu rain orange wind. But the direction of this movement, but as early as in Huang Shaotian's prediction, he has almost instantly made a response. Draw a knife! Regardless of the real body or false shadow, Qi out of this move, seven sword light cut out, some just wield the air, some are toward the body of the rain orange wind cut off. Which one is true? Which one is fake? Not to mention that Su Mucheng could not distinguish at this time, even if she could distinguish, she could not be as flexible as a bird in midair to cut this swift and incomparable knife easily. So Su Mu orange simply put aside all this, Mu Yu orange wind arms a swing, Green machine gun! Da-da-da-da. The bullets were scattered in a string at a high speed, and almost at the same time the rain and orange wind had been hit by the attack. In the blood flower, Su Mu orange has immediately judged where the real body, Mu rain orange wind body flying out at the same time, the muzzle turned, the bullet picked up the future and the landing of the blood beads,tube lip gloss, directly toward the night rain sound of trouble hit the past. Puff, puff, puff.. emptycosmetictubes.com

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