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Types of coffee based on breed and method of preparation

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    Today, after tea, coffee ( قهوه is the second most popular drink in the world, which is brewed and served all over the world. Currently, the countries supplying coffee are Germany, Vietnam and Brazil, which are the biggest exporters of this product and export this product to different parts of the world. Coffee has many uses in the world. One of its most important uses is in the food and cake industries.

    The history of the discovery and origin of coffee

    There are many differences of opinion on how coffee was discovered, but most people believe that coffee was discovered in the 11th century by a shepherd in Ethiopia. When that shepherd saw that his sheep got extra energy by eating the leaves of a certain tree, he investigated this tree. The tribesmen of that shepherd gathered the fruits of the tree and used its extract in their food and noticed its effect on increasing their alertness, and after several years, coffee was used as the first drink, and it is still the same way. It means that it is used as a drink, of course, it is also used in the food industry and baking.

    At first, coffee was served to kings and aristocrats in countries like Iran and Turkey, and gradually coffee houses were opened and ordinary people also used it.

    What are the types of coffee?

    Coffee is classified into four types: Excelsa, Liberica, Arabica and Robusta, and the first two types make up 1.0% of the world's coffee. But the two types of Arabica and Robusta that are used more have differences and similarities with each other. The price of Arabica and Robusta coffee is also higher than the first two types. Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica and Vietnam is the largest producer of Robusta.

    Arabica coffee is more popular among people but more expensive and the reason is the popularity of Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee is flatter and more oval than Robusta coffee, but Robusta coffee beans are rounder and smaller. Arabica coffee has more fat than Robusta and should not be mixed with cream too much.

    Types of coffee based on preparation method

    Types of coffee are classified according to the method of preparation. Espresso coffee, French coffee and Turkish coffee. If you are interested in coffee, you must know that espresso coffee, French coffee, etc. are not a breed of coffee and are just the name of the coffee preparation method, but because they are popular among people, they have become popular in this way.

    espresso coffee

    Espresso (قهوه اسپرسو is a coffee preparation method invented by the Italians, in which a small amount of hot water is passed through the ground beans under high pressure. Of course, making espresso coffee is not that simple. It is better to use fully automatic devices for this. You can prepare the bitterest and purest type of coffee using espresso machines. Choosing the type of coffee is up to you, but the degree of grinding is very important. For espresso, you need to grind the beans until the final powder resembles salt. If the coffee sticks together and forms a lump when you add the water, you'll know that the grind was right.

    Types of espresso coffee include Classic Espresso, Ristretto, Doppio, Cappuccino, Caffé Latte, Piccolo Latte, Mocha, Espresso Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Americano, Lungo, Flat Light He mentioned Flat white, Cortado, Red eye, Black eye, Dripped eye, Lazy eye, Black tie, Affogato, Espresso con panna, and Galão.

    French coffee

    French coffee (قهوه فرانسه is prepared with drip coffee machines or French press. The coffee bean you choose for this model depends on your taste. The degree of roasting or roasting of French coffee should be medium dark. The degree of grinding it depends on the device you use. The more beans you grind, the stronger the coffee will be.

    Turk coffee

    The equipment used in Turkish coffee ( قهوه ترک is very traditional and special. Small copper coffee pots, beautiful little cups and sometimes narrow waists. To prepare Turkish coffee, the seeds are gently roasted and ground very finely, and the final result is a powder similar to flour. For each person, pour a tablespoon of coffee and a cup of cold water into the coffee maker and put it on low heat. Remove from the heat when the coffee foam starts to rise.

    Types of Turkish coffee

    Adana Gar Kahvesi:

    The popular Adana coffee has a more bitter taste and a sharper smell than ordinary Turkish coffee. Because less water is used to brew this coffee; Therefore, the coffee will be thicker, stronger, and if you are a bitter taster, it will be tastier. This coffee is known as Turkish espresso coffee.

    Dibek Kahvesi:

    Daybak coffee or traditional Ottoman stone coffee and Istanbul city. The brewing method of this coffee is not different from Turkish coffee, but when making stone coffee, coffee beans are pounded in a mortar. This makes the beans not uniform and homogeneous and the taste of the coffee is a little special and different.

    Menengiç Kahvesi:

    If you are one of those people who are allergic to caffeine, this type of coffee is a great option for you. Because coffee beans are not used in its preparation. This coffee is prepared using pistachio seeds. Pistachio seeds are roasted, ground and brewed just like coffee

    Süvari Kahvesi:

    Shovari coffee is actually the same as Turkish coffee, but with an important difference. Same seeds and same brewing method, but different serving method. Instead of being served in a cup, this coffee is poured into narrow glasses. Just like Turkish tea.


    It is a bitter drink that is very popular in the cities of Hatay, Adana, Orfa and Mardin in Turkey and some Arab-speaking countries such as Lebanon and Syria. This coffee is very bitter and its name also expresses this bitterness. Mira is derived from the Arabic word mer which means bitter. To prepare Mira coffee, the coffee beans release all their bitterness by roasting and roasting several times.

    If you do not like bitter Turkish coffee and prefer milder and thinner coffee, French coffee is the best option for you.