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Qingji-His body is full of wounds

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    Shen Bi looked at the swordsman who surrounded her, but her mind calmed down instead. Although it is taboo to show kungfu in front of people, but at this time, life is only a few decades, if the people of Wandaotang really want to take her life, then she might as well fight a fish to death. Even if they die, they won't get any advantage. Even if she dies, she won't involve Luoyanlou. Zhou Zhenshan raised the knife in his hand and looked at her with dim eyes. It's time for closure. In the private room on the third floor, the man who played the lute finally withdrew his eyes from the window. He seemed to be waiting for someone, and it was hard to distinguish between joy and anger in his dark eyes, as if he did not know whether he was expecting someone to come or not. Unfortunately, it was late and dark. He stroked the strings with his fingertips and finally stood up. Just as the two sides were deadlocked, they suddenly heard the voice of self-respect without anger coming from outside the building. "A few days in the future, why is Luoyanlou so lively today?" Chapter 12 I wish to be a minister, so I don't know you. A man dressed in beautiful clothes with a haughty face walked into the public's line of sight. Rao was in a chaotic scene at the moment, but he walked in without squinting as if he had not seen anything, and stood beside Zhou Zhenshan. All the people present fell into a silent stalemate,drive in racking system, but Qin Niang shouted with sharp eyes: "Your Royal Highness!" As soon as she said this, all the people who did not want to know and really did not know fell to their knees and said, "Your Royal Highness." Zhou Zhenshan's eyes were dark and unclear, but between the pressure of fear and trepidation, he took the knife with his backhand and knelt down slowly on one knee. Shen Bi, who was always on Zhou Zhenshan's body,mobile racking systems, also lowered her eyes and covered up the fleeting sharpness of her eyes. As usual, every time the prince came to Luoyan Tower, he did not shy away from his identity, but when he met someone who saluted, he would brush back these empty gifts. But today, he just put his hand under the arm of Shen Bi, who wanted to salute, to stop her movements, and he was silent. In this suffocating silence, the people who kept kneeling did not dare to move. The white clothes standing on the third floor took a distant look and turned back into the room again in silence. In the dead silence where needles could be heard falling, as if a century had passed, Zhou Zhenshan's forehead slightly oozed sweat, industrial racking systems ,push back racking system, and he quietly raised his head and looked up along the man's gold-striped boots. But unexpectedly bumped into the man's cold eyes. Zhou Zhenshan's back stiffened and he hurriedly lowered his head again. It's so busy today. I don't know why all the swordsmen came to Luoyan Tower. Jun Huaisang finally said. But none of the kneeling people in the room dared to answer this sentence. Jun Huaisang is not in a hurry, his line of sight lightly swept a group of swordsmen, took Shen Bi's hand, in her subconscious want to pull away in the action of her hand more firmly in the palm of the hand. I always give preferential treatment to the people in Jianghu, and I admire the integrity of the people in Jianghu, but.. His eyes glanced at the man who had fainted with a broken arm, the disheveled girl, and the mess all over the floor. Then he turned back to Shen Bi beside him: "She is my person. If you want to touch her, you are against me.". And as long as I am still in the position of the crown prince, I will be the enemy of the court. Sweat fell from the cheeks of the swordsman kneeling all over the ground. Zhou Zhenshan raised his head and saw the hands clasping in front of him. The spirit on Jun Huaisang's body does not reduce half minute: "Listen clearly?" "Clear." Zhou Zhenshan lowered his head and answered in a muffled voice, but the crowd never heard Jun Huaisang's instructions to allow him to get up, and the air was even more tense and depressed. Now that I've heard it clearly. "Get out of here," said Jun Huaisang in a cold voice. "Yes." They stood up hurriedly as if they had received an amnesty order. Zhou Zhenshan also stood up with them. His eyes glanced thoughtfully at Jun Huaisang. After holding his fists, he took all the people in Wandaotang to walk outside the door without looking back. It was not until all the figures of the swordsman disappeared in the building that Xiaoya, standing by the door, trembled and hurriedly closed the door. Qin Niang looked tired to check the injuries of the people, and hurriedly sent someone to ask the doctor to treat. Just as Shen Bi breathed a subconscious sigh of relief, the man who had his back to her but had always held her hand tightly suddenly fell down. "Your Royal Highness!" Shen Bi hurriedly caught Jun Huaisang's falling body in the crowd's exclamations, but it was a wet, slippery and sticky start. She pulled out her hand hurriedly and was surprised to see that her fingertips were dyed red. She hurried to look at his sleeve, but saw that blood began to ooze under the coat, and when she pushed aside the thin layer of coat, she found that the dress inside was already a striking scarlet. Shen Bi immediately gasped. He had been so badly hurt that he had just been trying to stay calm in front of people for so long. She looked moved, Jun Huaisang's injuries should not be delayed, she quickly told the doctor to see a doctor, with the help of all Jun Huaisang back to the room. Girl When the doctor finally inquired, Xiaoya cried and rushed up: "I want to go into the palace to find the prince, but I didn't expect to be stopped at the gate of the palace. I thought.." I thought it was really over this time, but I didn't expect that the prince had heard the wind from somewhere and had rushed out of the palace single-handedly. His body is full of wounds, and this is the first time I've seen him hurt so badly. Lesser thought of the prince's appearance at that time or a burst of fear, can not help but with a crying voice again called out: "Girl..." Shen Bi's eyes moved slightly, but when she reached her lips, there was only a very light answer, and she did not speak again. Lesser did not say anything more, she carried the basin of blood dyed red out of the door. As soon as she went out, she saw Lian yuan, who had been standing beside her for an unknown length of time. She hurriedly exclaimed in a low voice, "Gong.." But before she could speak, Lian yuan had already raised his hand to stop her. Xiaoya bowed with great trepidation and left quickly with the basin in her hand. Shen Bi gently tucked in the quilt for Jun Huai Sang and was about to extinguish the lamp on the table and leave,shuttle rack system, when the unconscious man grabbed her wrist. Shen Bi was stunned and inadvertently bumped into Jun Huaisang's tired eyes. His Royal Highness.. Are you awake? "Yes." Jun Huaisang answered casually, his eyes always looking at her quietly, but his hand did not let go of her half a minute. jracking.com

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