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The female partner returns

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    When he first arrived at the school, he heard about Lin Qingshi, a girl who was held up to a very high position by both boys and girls. At first, he didn't care. There were always a few popular people in every school. Lin Qingshi was just a little more popular. But gradually, he would subconsciously pay attention to her news, and occasionally secretly look at her back when she passed by. He, fell, fell inexplicably. He thought that he had found his own poetry and distance, and she was his poetry and distance. Lin Ching-shih stayed for a moment and did not speak. In her opinion, Xiao Xiao has a kind of sunshine taste unique to teenagers, which Lin Qingshi feels that he has gradually lost. She actually likes Xiao Xiao very much, and staying around him always makes her feel relaxed and happy. It was as if the lost youth and vitality of her body had gradually returned, and the vitality had come back to her. But she also clearly understood that she had no love for him. Xiao Xiao in front of her a lot of time like a clumsy child, his stubbornness so that Lin Qingshi always can not help but accommodate him, but this approach is actually more like coaxing a child who has not grown up, in the premise of not excessive, let him act willfully, once beyond the bottom line, will take back his rights. Xiao Xiao saw Lin Qingshi did not speak for a long time, suddenly became anxious, rushed to squat in front of her,push back racking system, took her hand tightly, refused to let go, his eyes were full of seriousness, the expression on his face looked nervous with a trace of undoubted perseverance, his tone of voice was always overbearing, but Lin Qingshi heard the stubbornness and ruthlessness. It is a feeling of not giving up until the goal is reached, "Lao Tzu said to cook for you for a lifetime, you have to promise today,medium duty racking, you have to promise, no choice!" Lin Qingshi's hand was so painful that she felt that her bones were about to be broken, but instead of showing pain, her eyes showed some pleasure. Her black eyes were full of strange waves, which made her look very strange. She gently opened her lips and smiled, "Good." Xiao Xiao looked up in surprise, but saw her eyes closed, moist red lips pressed down, fell on his slightly open lips. Chapter 39 PART5.5 After the two people confirmed their relationship, Xiao Xiao moved to Lin Qingshi's home and grandly "entered the hall". Lin Ching-shih lived in two bedrooms and one living room, and there was just one room left for him. Adolescent boys are just the time of human affairs, but Xiao Xiao has been closely guarding the line, not to let themselves cross the line. Although sometimes he can not control his own hands and feet, but at most there are some cuddles, and then there is no intimacy. Besides, metal racking systems ,heavy duty metal racking, even if he wanted it, Lin Ching-shih would still say two things. Xiao Xiao has always insisted that he is relying on his magic "kitchen plan" to capture the heart of Lin Qingshi, until one day he repeated the same trick, in the kitchen blindly, the kitchen was in a mess and finally gave up, a look back, saw Lin Qingshi standing at the door of the kitchen looking at him. At that time, he knew that she had known it for a long time, but she didn't say it. "If the food you cook is not so similar to the food in the restaurant I often go to, the credibility will be much higher," Lin Qingshi said to him with a smile. Xiao Xiao wiped a bitter tears, the heart said you said early ah, said early I as for this every other day secretly? Although the words all said, but Xiao Xiao or three or five hours into a kitchen, and even specially to the restaurant to follow the chef in the shop to steal the teacher. This persisted for nearly a year, and Lin Ching-shih never saw one of his works. Every time he finished it, he secretly threw it away, so later Lin Ching-shih did not know how well he had learned. More than a year has passed in a twinkling of an eye, and both of them have experienced the college entrance examination. This more than a year, Xiao Xiao has not returned home, every year at the end of the year when he answered a lot of phone calls, but never once went back. I don't know why, but he often looks nervous and wants to follow her twenty-four hours a day and stare at her. It was as if she would be gone in a twinkling of an eye. Lin Ching-shih talked about him many times, but when he saw that he was still the same, he let him go. The second week after the college entrance examination. That day, when Lin Qingshi was reading at home, Xiao Xiao ran out to buy vegetables again. When she was absorbed in it, the phone in the living room rang. Lin Qingshi put down the book and picked up the phone. On the other end of the phone was a slightly elderly woman. Her voice sounded very gentle. She said, "Hello." Lin Ching-shih replied, "Hello, who are you?" She said, "I am Xiao Xiao's mother, and I want to meet you." Lin Qingshi paused, then agreed, and then the woman who claimed to be Xiao Xiao's mother reported an address. Lin Ching-shih wrote it down, hung up the phone, tidied himself up a little, and went out. The appointed place is a coffee shop, which is a little far away. When she arrived, a woman sitting in the corner waved to her. Lin Qingshi walked over and looked at the woman who looked more than thirty years old and elegant in front of her. She looked somewhat similar to Xiao. Lin Qingshi had seen her picture in Xiao's mobile phone, so he was sure that this was Xiao's mother. Lin Qingshi sat opposite her and gave her a polite smile. "Hello, Mrs. Xiao." Mrs. Xiao nodded and then looked at Lin Qing with a critical eye. Without even saying polite words, she said directly, "I hope you will leave my son. Xiao Jiu is the daughter-in-law I have identified. I will not admit anyone else." Lin Qingshi's eyes were cold, and then he was hidden. She had expected this, so she was not particularly surprised. She just nodded gently and said faintly, "Good." Mrs. Xiao brewed a lot of words to attack her and let her leave her son. This was all needless to say. She was very surprised. Then she thought contemptuously that she really didn't like her son. At the same time,Automated warehouse systems, she complained for her son, who had not returned home for more than a year for her, but she could sit here and say lightly: "Good." 。 kingmoreracking.com

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