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Beef noodles + Yangchun noodles =?

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    After dinner, they chatted for a long time, until Master Bai received a call from the client inviting him in the evening, and they exchanged their mobile phone numbers in a hurry. Master Bai called a taxi for Niu Roumian, and when he saw her sitting in the car, he was relieved to drive away. Not long after Niu Roumian left, Yang Chunmian was bored wandering on the Internet when he heard someone calling the door. He was wondering how Niu Roumian came back so soon, but it was Yu Zijiang who came. As soon as Yu Zijiang entered the door, she came straight to the point and said, "I lost the decorative button on my fur skirt. Let's see if I left it here." Yu Zijiang's face was full of anxiety. Yang Chunmian helped Yu Zijiang look for buttons near the sofa, and finally found a heart-shaped red button in the seam of the sofa. The moment she found the button, Yu Zijiang's anxious face burst into a happy smile. She took the button, held it in her hand and looked straight at it. Suddenly, she remembered something, and her smile was drowned by sadness. Yu Zijiang carefully put the button into her purse, sat down on the sofa, looked around and asked, "Chun Mian, where is the nurse?" "Her?"? Out on a date. "Isn't it a full-time nurse?" "Ah, yes, it's because she's so irresponsible that I want to fire her,metal racking systems, but tomorrow my arm will be bandaged and free to move, so I'll make do with this last day." Yang Chunmian looked at Yu Zijiang's expression and could not help worrying. With his understanding, clothes slightly incomplete or do not like, Yu Zijiang will throw away, absolutely not to find a button and so much trouble, so can not help but ask: "Zijiang, are you all right?" "It's nothing, it's just that I'm breaking up with my boyfriend and I'm in a bad mood." "Why are you breaking up again?" "Since the last time I went to your office building and met Liu Lian by chance,heavy duty rack manufacturers, we have been friends." "Liu Lian?"? The manager of the company on the 25th floor? Yu Zijiang nodded, "When we are together, when we are happy, it seems that the happiest people in the world are the two of us, but when we quarrel, the words we blurt out become the most hurtful weapon in the world.". I don't know why we had a sudden quarrel every time. We tried not to quarrel, but in the end I found that we couldn't. Yu Zijiang's tone is full of bitterness. Yang Chunmian looked at the unhappy Yu Zijiang, and his heart was full of pity and heartache. In the past, he had imagined a hundred times that Yu Zijiang's feelings were not going well and he would definitely take the opportunity to express his feelings, but at this time he did not follow the way he had rehearsed N times. Yang Chunmian thought, probably because he was rejected last time. Maybe, as you said, your personalities are not suitable. Zijiang, you should find a man who dotes on you and tolerates you. Yu Zijiang chuckled helplessly, raised her eyebrows and said half jokingly and half seriously, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,asrs warehouse, "Just like you?" Yang Chunmian was unexpectedly stupefied at first, and then said half jokingly and half seriously: "My condition is not generally good!"! Look at this body, how strong it is! I'm lucky to be my girlfriend. Even if I live on the 100th floor, I carry it upstairs every day. But if you forget your key, it's better to take the elevator down and go back to get it! Yang Chunmian saw that Yu Zijiang's originally bitter face gradually showed a smile. He continued to work hard and said, "I'm not picky about food. Even the dog food made by my girlfriend is very delicious!"! And most importantly, there will never be such a thing as a quarrel, because I will lose! Yu Zijiang's smile gradually expanded. She thought for a moment and said, "Chun Mian, I think you have changed a little. You didn't say that before. You can coax girls!" "Is it?" Yang Chunmian was a little embarrassed, thinking that he would not be influenced by the female devil. Chun Mian, I'm in a much better mood now, thank you! I decided to make it clear to Liu Lian tonight, so I'll go first. After Yang Chunmian sent Yu Zijiang away, he murmured in his heart, did he really change? Why didn't he feel it? I scratched my head and didn't want to. In the evening, Niu Roumian in front of the apartment door, suddenly remembered yesterday Yang Chunmian pretended to be dead to frighten her old account, decided to tit for tat today. Niu Roumian took off his overcoat and shoes, then put his feet into the sleeves of his overcoat, then put gloves on his feet, put his head down and supported his big top with his hands. After ringing the doorbell with his feet, he bent his legs and looked like two arms stretched out by a headless man. Yang Chunmian answered the door in a daze. As soon as he opened the door, he heard the voice of hidden bitterness: "Give me back my life!" Then a headless man came into view, trembling and stretching out his arms to him. As soon as Yang Chunmian was startled, he lifted his leg and kicked it. Hearing the sound of "Ouch", the "female ghost" fell to the ground. Yang Chunmian fixed his eyes on it and saw that it was Niu Roumian! Niu Roumian grinned with pain and accused, "You should give me a heartwarming foot!"! Dead yellow! Do you think you are Huang Feihong? Yang Chunmian hurriedly dragged Niu Roumian into the house with one hand and hit Niu Roumian's head in a hurry. Niu Roumian felt a headache and then fainted. Yang Chunmian helped Niu Roumian lie on the sofa, gently shook Niu Roumian, did not see her wake up, then loudly called Niu Rou Mian's name, also saw that she did not respond. Yang Chunmian felt more flustered than he had ever felt before, and once again picked up Niu Roumian with one hand and shook him fiercely. Niu Roumian finally woke up under the violent shaking of Yang Chunmian, but thought that he had not achieved the purpose of scaring him, so he continued to play dead. At this time, Yang Chunmian was so anxious that his forehead oozed sweat, and he could not care much more. He removed the bandage on his right hand three times and two times, and carried Niu Roumian on his back in pain. He was about to go straight to the hospital. Niu Roumian felt that Yang Chunmian carried her on his back with two hands, only to realize that Yang Chunmian had removed the bandage, hurriedly opened his eyes, jumped off his back, and felt that the joke was a bit too much, so he looked at Yang Chunmian apologetically with a dry smile. When Yang Chunmian saw Niu Roumian standing in front of him, he took a deep breath, but his anger broke out uncontrollably. You woman, what a joke, do you have a bottom line? Niu Roumian was in the wrong, but he murmured in a low voice,warehouse storage racks, "Didn't you scare me to cry last time?" Yang Chunmian glared at Niu Roumian angrily, and finally sat down on the sofa, turning his head away and sulking. kingmoreracking.com

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