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    "Ask for fame and fortune, but don't ask for anything. Tang Zhong, if I invite you back, you won't agree, will you?" Old Master Jiang looked at Tang Zhong with burning eyes and asked aloud. (PS: Thank you, Luoshui Changliu, for your reward, and even more for his ten-thousand-word comment. Ten thousand words, more than I update in a day. Whether it is Zhongjun Military Aircraft Left Camp Right Camp Newcomer Camp, it is a family of the Guards. WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 402, the Sword of Smodax! Chapter 402, the Sword of Smodax! Front yard. West wing. This is the room where Jiang Keren lived since he was a child. As soon as she entered the room to close the door and go to the bathroom, Jiang Keqing rushed in from behind. Jiang Keren was a little frightened. Crazy. I don't know when I'll grow up. Jiang Keren said reproachfully. Yes. Yes. I'm crazy. Your son is the most honest and stable. Is that all right? Jiang Keqing threw the small black leather shoes at his feet and let them scatter around the carpet in disorder. Then he threw his soft body on the leather sofa in the room and said with a smile, "Are you happy?"? Happy,industrial racking systems, huh? Are you happy in your heart? As soon as you come out, you drill into your own room. Do you want to hide somewhere to have fun secretly? Hey, I just came to see you when you wanted to laugh and deliberately kept a straight face. "Why do I have to keep a straight face when I want to laugh?" Jiang Keren asked. Because you're too embarrassed to laugh. Because you're worried that people will say you're getting carried away. Jiang Keqing said in a careless way, and every word went straight to the heart of others. If you ask me. Laugh if you want. Whose son who loves, what's wrong with it? Didn't you see the fifth sister-in-law? Jiang Rulong in her family is just a little bit better. She usually walks with the same momentum. You laugh as if her son is the emperor and she is the queen. And laugh. And go up to the fifth sister-in-law and laugh. Who let our Tang Zhong trample his son under his feet? Jiang Keren wanted to laugh,radio shuttle racking, but he was a little worried. "What did you say about Grandpa leaving Tang Zhong alone?" He said. "What else could it be?" Jiang Keqing said. Maybe it's to let Tang Zhong return. Few of the grandchildren of the Jiang family were promising, and it was possible for Tang Chong to come back and glorify his family. "If you can't have a great grandson, then you can have a great grandson." "Not like." Jiang Keren shook his head. If Grandpa had this idea, at that moment, he announced it on the spot, and the matter was settled, and no one could change it. If he didn't do that, it proves that he has other ideas. Jiang Keqing has been busy for Tang Chong happy, feel Tang Chong do things to relieve anger, really did not put this matter to think deeply. Now, shuttle rack system ,teardrop pallet racking, after Jiang Keren's reminder, she also recalled the taste. "Don't you want Tang Chong to come back?" He asked. "It's possible." "Why?"? I'll talk to the old man again. Jiang Keqing hurried. Don't go. Jiang Keren took Jiang Keqing's hand. Don't go. 'What's The matter? You don't want your son back, either? "Listen to Tang Chong." Jiang Keren said. I believe he can handle it well. "Yes, too." Jiang Keqing sighed and sat back again. "This boy is a monster. There is nothing he doesn't understand.". How can a young boy who doesn't have all the hair be able to write with a brush and write so well? Oh, it's wrong to say that he didn't grow all his hair. This boy is not a fuel-efficient lamp when it comes to women. Better than his father. "How did you become an aunt?" Jiang Keren said. Do you talk like that? "Look, look, don't you like it?"? When I praised your son to heaven, you didn't say a word of objection. You just kept giggling. When I said he was not good, you immediately jumped out to object. Is it too partial? “” Old Master Jiang had a serious face and looked at Tang Zhong with his eyes like lightning. As if to see through him, to see his insides. It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and that the eyes are the least deceptive. In fact, this sentence is wrong. Eyes are the most deceptive. For example, the old man's eyes were pure and vivid when he first saw them, just like a newborn baby. Now it is sharp and profound, as if it hides hundreds of years of ups and downs of the past. Being stared at by such a pair of eyes in such a posture, Tang Zhong also felt a little pressure. Go back? Not going back? What is there to hesitate about? Didn't you make a decision long ago? Tang Zhong thought in his heart. To make a decision, the invisible pressure suddenly disappeared. Only then did Tang Zhong realize that it was not the old man's eyes that put pressure on him, but the decision that put pressure on people. The most stressful thing is the feeling of being decided by others. In the past, the future and fate of the beard, even life and death, were manipulated by people, so he was wronged and suffocated. He is the life inheritance of the beard, and it is impossible for him to follow the path that his father has already taken. If you haven't done what you didn't think about before, let yourself do it with your whole life. Of course I'm back. Tang Chong said with a smile. Grandpa lived for hundreds of years. I'll come back and chat with you if you have nothing to do. Please help me correct the word stickers. Come back when you have nothing to do, that is to say'not come back '. Alas. I already know your answer. Old Master Chiang said with a smile, "Seek fame and fortune, but don't ask for help.". Haven't you expressed it clearly in the couplet? Don't ask for help. "Just saying, when something happens, you still have to run back to find Grandpa to move reinforcements." Tang Chong said. What are you going to do? "A girl told me," Tang Chong said, remembering Su Shan's beautiful and lonely face, "she said, let me build my own rich and powerful family." 'Good. OK The old man once again called out two good words. Because of the excitement,automated warehouse systems, his face was flushed. Tang Chong hurriedly went to the back to give him comfort. If only the two of them were together, the old man would suddenly pass by, and I'm afraid he would become the sinner of the Jiang family. kingmoreracking.com

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