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This is to treat him as a pig

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    This is to treat him as a pig, Zhang looked at his mother's expression, he knew what his mother was thinking, his mother is a hidden mind. It's no use saying too much. The best thing is to produce evidence. Zhang rolled up his sleeves, exposed his red mole, which had turned into a lotus pattern, and blushed a little to show Zhang Liumei. "Mother, he's consummated his marriage with me." The little brother who has broken his body can't be sold at a good price. This time his mother should believe it. Who knows that Zhang Liumei looked at the same reaction as Zheng Xiaoluo at the beginning, and immediately cried again. "Whoo, my brother, silly boy, how did you consummate your marriage with that bastard?"! He is your cousin wholeheartedly, how can you easily believe his words, ah, he has just separated and no one to take care of the family, naturally will not easily let you go. "Maybe he just wants to coax you to work for him to make money, and then find a chance to sell you, and then marry your cousin to go home. Whoo, how can my poor brother be so stupid? How long has it been? How can he put his heart on you so quickly? A man's words can't be trusted.." In the end is experienced, Zhang Liumei think more than young people. In fact, I really don't blame her for thinking so, Lin Ze came through a few days ago when she met her son, she also saw that his son had just been beaten. Now in less than two months, 'Lin Ze' has become a good man who dotes on her brother and hands over the money to his daughter-in-law. He feels that there is something fishy about it. Zhang for a time really can not refute his mother, said very reasonable ah. If he hadn't known that Lin Ze had changed, maybe he would have guessed the same,multi disc screw press, but now. His husband really likes him! Zhang tried to explain, "Mother, don't worry. My cousin is going to get married soon. I have all the money, land and house deeds at home. If he really wants to sell me and cheat me, there's no need to do so. You believe me." "But.." Zhang Liumei is still full of doubt, dare not easily believe. Just then, Lin Ze, who had sent Lin Sangui, finally went home. He happily pushed the door and came in, carrying the fish he had bought from the villagers he met on the road. What do you think I bought? A big fish,Wall Penstocks, my husband will cook pickled cabbage and fish for you tonight. Why, is my mother here? The last sentence is to see the yard Zhang Liumei said, Lin Ze eyes a bright, very conscious immediately called Niang. But this expression fell in the eyes of Zhang Liumei, that is, the hungry wolf's eyes were green, and immediately he was frightened to shrink into a ball, looking at Lin Ze in fear, afraid that he would come up and scold and throw things like before, and then began to beat Zhang. Zhang Liumei reflexively pulled her son to her body, shaking her hand and stammering in fear. "No, no, no, I didn't, I didn't." This obviously afraid to death but still hen to protect the chicken, plus the self-justification of hiding one's ears and stealing the bell, Lin Zele, his mother-in-law is so stupid that it's really interesting. Lin Ze laughed and put the fish in his hand into the basin, fine bubble diffuser ,Rotating sludge scraper, joking casually. "Why did Niang remember it today?"? Did the village say that I bullied Ah again, and you always came to take Ah away? That's no good. Those gossips don't do good things all day. Go back and break your legs. Ah, but my wife, I.. But the baby is reluctant to give up. The words have not finished, over there Zhang Liumei to'knock off the leg 'three words to frighten the leg soft to sit on the ground. He looked at Lin Ze in horror, as if he were looking at an evil ghost, and his tears fell like money, and he began to tremble and cry. "Whoo, Lin boy, don't knock your legs. It's all my fault. If you want to hit me, hit me. Don't hit my brother. Whoo, my poor brother didn't mean to run away. I told him to run away. I, I, we don't run away! Don't hit my brother. Whoo.." Cry like a sad joy. Lin Ze got goose bumps all over his body. What's the matter with his mother-in-law? He didn't say he was going to beat her. He was crying. Wait, what did his mother-in-law say? His wife wants to run! What did you say? You want Ah to run? Run away. Run? Lin Ze stared at Zhang Liumei, who was crying sadly, and his face turned black. Chapter 30 Lin Ze is actually a gentle and refined man on the surface, but a beast on the inside. When you get angry, you can say that you don't recognize your relatives. Er, even if this description is exaggerated, it is not enough not to recognize relatives, but it is not much worse. Anyway, whoever touches his bottom line, then his temper really does not matter who it is. In essence, Zhang Liumei is a stranger to him, and his attitude towards Zhang Liumei depends entirely on Zhang. Originally, he was quite happy to see his mother-in-law come to the door on her own initiative, but who knew that the mother-in-law had come to encourage his daughter-in-law to run away! You say, which man can endure this kind of thing? Anyway, Lin Ze is unable to endure, daughter-in-law to run away to endure what to endure ah, the mood suddenly sunny to cloudy, staring at Zhang Liumei quite a bit bad. This can make Zhang Liumei, who was already very afraid, shiver even more, thinking that Lin Ze was going to come up and beat her, but she knew that Lin Ze, this sour show, would beat people. Me, me, me, me.. Zhang Liumei was so trembling that she could not speak. She could only stammer and her legs trembled. No way, Lin Ze frowned up looking really scary ah, not on the appearance, but on the momentum of the eyes. Fortunately, Zhang reacted in time and rushed to Lin Ze to coax people, actively and courteously wiping Lin Ze's sweat and explaining. "Xianggong, my mother is talking nonsense. She doesn't know you're good to me now. She's worried that we won't have a good time after we split up, so she came to see me." Zhang explained with a wry smile and blinked at Lin Ze, trying to defend his mother. Although he had not known Lin Ze for a long time, he asked himself that he already knew Lin Ze very well. This man was not so gentle and good-tempered on the surface, and no one could hold him down. And Linzer's nervousness about him is far beyond his imagination. Linzer can tolerate anything, but he will never tolerate the idea of leaving. When he had a showdown, Lin Ze said that he had to give him a chance to show his temper, which showed how determined Lin Ze was to him. His husband can be gentle enough to drown people, but he can also be as tyrannical as a beast. Fortunately to him, Lin Ze again mood tyrannical,disc air diffuser, can suppress one or two, hear the voice of the chapter, found the reason. khnwatertreatment.com

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