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Benefits of an Exchange Online Migration

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    An on-premises email server makes an organization fully liable for its email maintenance, upkeep, updates, and troubleshooting. On the lid of the technical burden, the company also takes on responsibility for the security of its email service. 

    An Exchange Online Migration makes it possible for a business to leverage the strength of a hosted enterprise service while avoiding the capital expenditure and associated maintenance costs of a traditional on-site email server. 

    3 Benefits of an Exchange Online Migration

    1. Access it from anywhere

    Businesses are increasingly using remote workers and connecting multiple offices and Teams can be scattered across the globe, but still need to be able to work together in a consolidated, collaborative environment. An Exchange Online migration makes it possible for workers to connect to their emails from anywhere in the globe — and from any platform. 

    2. Achieve better regulatory compliance

    Many firms are seeing increasing regulatory guidelines all the time and it can be hard for any organization to keep track of the new regulations. A migration to O365 provides for better regulatory compliance, by creating better accountability, making it more comfortable to track changes, and providing features such as litigation holds.

    3. Increase the security of your user mailboxes

    Security is becoming a top concern for businesses, as cyber security issues are replicating fast. With an on-prem system, your association is solely responsible for its security. With an Exchange Online service, Microsoft will upgrade and maintain its security.


    It is highly beneficial for businesses today to migrate to Microsoft’s cloud-based service. Business workflows, projects, and communication networks are easier to manage even without professional IT skills or knowledge. App4Rent provides the best migration services and support to their clients which makes them ideal partners to select for the service.