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Is the experience good for mini server PCs?

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    With the rapid development of high-tech level, many electronic device products are not only more and more powerful, but also more and more compact.server manufacturers , At present, there is also a desktop computer mainframe on the market, which is super portable, and that is the mini computer server .


    This kind of mini computer server has a very delicate and exquisite appearance, and does not occupy an area. It is suitable for placement in TV cabinets, large living room writing desks, bedroom writing desks and other areas, but please don't look at its small size, but its function is similar to that of ordinary computers. Exactly the same, you can plug in the network cable and connect to WiFi. You can browse the web, chat, watch videos online, and even play games.


    Everything is good or bad. The mini computer server uses a power consumption CPU, and the thermal design power consumption TDP is generally around 10W-17W, which is more energy-saving and power-saving than a computer desktop. Some mini-computer servers use a fanless design, and the entire machine can achieve zero noise during operation. It brings a quiet feeling in work and life, and has long been loved by everyone.




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