How To Prevent Villa Elevator Failure

  • It is inevitable that some problems will arise in the initial use of the فيلا مصعد. The following small series introduces these problems.

    1, the lubrication is not in place
      The villa elevator also has a running-in period. During this period, the direct clearance of the parts is small, and the surface of some parts is rough, which may easily lead to failure.

    2, operational errors

      Due to the lack of understanding of the elevator in the new villa, it is easy to operate and cause malfunction.

    3, the parts are loose

      Affected by various factors, the parts are easy to loose at the beginning and cause abnormal noise.

    4, leaked

      The villa elevator is hydraulically driven, and leakage at the initial stage is more common and needs to be checked regularly.

    5, can not rise after power-on

      First, check if the voltage is normal. If the voltage is abnormal, it will cause the pump station to run, and the required power will not be reached, or it will not rise due to overload.

      In the initial stage of using the villa elevator, the above problems should be handled to achieve normal use.