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Lost Ark Igniter Sorceress Build Guide

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    The construction of the Igniter Sorceress is a thing that requires players to spend a lot of time and energy. During this period, you need to continuously collect the Lost Ark Items required to build the Igniter Sorceress, and you may also need to use Gold Lost Ark. In short, players need to have enough in the early stage. patience, but as you gradually complete the build, you will find that the explosiveness is amazing and it is all worth it.

    What is Lost Ark Igniter Sorceress

    Igniter Sorceress is a ranged DPS class that uses powerful spells against enemies from a distance. Igniter Sorceress has the highest burst of crowd controlling capabilities, increasing crit damage and crit chance. The goal is to build up magical energy as quickly as possible under normal circumstances. Use frost spells to trigger burst windows, including Doomsday, Explosion, and Punishing Strike.

    Igniter Sorceress Game Style

    Sorceress's playstyle is explosive rather than sustained, and is also a fragile spellcaster that requires proper positioning to cast some slow-casting skills. She has an extra tool to position herself, but this costs 30% of the total meter, so you should try to minimize its use.

    The Igniter Sorceress deals fire damage, knocks down enemies in the air, and it deals massive damage even in a small area. Because the projectile explodes when it hits the target. Although this spell has a low and slow projectile velocity, it is still very useful to the player. The explosion has the second most damage, and the sheer damage it does makes up for any shortcomings in the build.

    Lost Ark Igniter Sorceress Build

    The Igniter Sorceress build has a lot to offer players. The Igniter Witch's stat priority, engravings, skill runes, pet stats and other consumables are covered to help you with this build.

    Stat Priority

    Stat Priority directly increases damage during Arcane Rupture. In addition to specialization, players must choose between critical and swift. The choice boils down to 10% crit chance and 5% movement. Use the necklace to gain every slot on the right, be it Specialization/Key or Specialization/Swiftness.


    Engravings have lethal opportunities and injuries. Precision daggers give you a 50% crit chance, all-out attacks do 20% more damage, and grudge has no penalty for the casting time of crit skills.

    Skill Runs

    Skill runes help you enhance your skills, as these are bound tokens. Quick Recharge Runes are very effective because of their long cooldown; it also increases the frequency of casting Arcane Rupture. Rage Runes can be used in storms to start the vulnerable phase faster. Galewind is an easy-to-use option that takes 0.1 seconds from bot 1.6 and 1.8 seconds of cast.

    Pet Stats

    Pets can improve your character, and for the Igniter Sorceress Build, players can consider using pets that maximize specialization and life. Specialization is the main attribute of Igniter Build, pets with specialization will be the most important.


    Adrophine Potion is preferred as it further increases the burst of Arcane Torrents.

    Card Sets

    Decks are usually available at the end of the game and require a lot of time and effort from the player. To benefit from a deck, you need to invest time. Igniter Builds don't require a specific deck, but decks that deal massive damage are preferable. Light of Salvation might be a good option, but it takes a lot of effort to get to the next level.

    In conclusion

    The Igniter Sorceress build is very important to the player, it can attack the enemy through the burst window, and then lead to a large-scale attack. For the Items needed for the build, players can easily buy Cheap Lost Ark Items at rpgstash.com, which is very convenient and fast.