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Jimei Helps You Prepare Juice Processing Plant

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    Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional food machinery supplier. Our Milk Powder Making Machine can help customers make milk powder more quickly. It is the best partner in the dairy industry.
    Chocolate manufacturers need roll-type whole milk because of its high free fat content, which provides excellent viscosity reduction and a reduction of 2-3 % cocoa butter to maintain handling during production. The result is a milk chocolate product with a satisfying mouthfeel.
    In addition to the high free fat content, manufacturers prefer roll/drum dry milk powder because it contributes to the taste of chocolate. The intense heating of the drum process begins the Maillard reaction, producing a pleasant cooking and caramelizing taste. This unique flavor feature is not available from other milk powder sources.
    Free fat
    Almost all of the cream in the roller processed milk powder is "free". Because of this, drum-processed whole milk provides excellent viscosity reduction. In spray-processed whole milk, most of the cream is bound and cannot interact freely.
    There are several factors that affect the amount of free fat in milk powder. Processing conditions are the key to developing high free fat milk powder. Drum drying has a typical high free fat content (70 - 90%) due to shear and scratching of the film as it dries on the surface of the drum. Because of this, drum drying is ideal for milk chocolate. The free fat content of spray-dried milk powder was significantly reduced (2-3%). In spray-dried whole milk, milk fat is absorbed in large amounts in the lactose-protein structure of the milk powder particles.
    One problem with powders containing high free fat content is that fat oxidation leads to odor generation and a shorter shelf life. This situation is less important for roll-dried powders because it is believed that the Maillard reaction product provides some antioxidant effect, so a shelf life of up to 12 months can be achieved without inert gas packaging.
    Maillard reaction
    The Maillard reaction describes a series of complex reactions between reducing sugars and amino acids on proteins, peptides and amino acids. The net effect of these reactions is to produce colorful and palatable compounds. Candy makers prefer a stronger caramel and toffee flavor to help condiments. Therefore, it may be beneficial for candy ingredient manufacturers to optimize the Maillard response level. These complex chemical reactions are strongly influenced by temperature and heating time, water content, pH and reactant ratio. These reactions occur during the drum drying process of the powdered milk and during the chocolate chipping process.
    Choosing Shanghai Jimei, we will be your most reliable partner and provide you with a series of support and help. If you are still preparing for your Juice Processing Plant, please come and contact us to find the most reliable partner for yourself.

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