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AI can be expected to continue to accelerate growth

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    Artificial Intelligence applications in the telecommunications industry are increasingly helping CSPs manage, optimize and maintain not only infrastructure, but also customer support operations. Network optimization, predictive maintenance, virtual assistants and RPA are all examples of use cases where AI has impacted the telecom industry, delivering enhanced CX and added value for enterprises.

    As Big Data tools and applications become more available and sophisticated, AI can be expected to continue to accelerate growth in this highly competitive space. Visual engagement is way beyond just a tool to help you ‘see what your customer sees’ – it’s a centerpiece of the digital transformation. It’s a journey that enables organizations to add vision to more touchpoints, use cases, and departments over time, while automating repetitive tasks. As organizations advance along the path toward Visual Transformation, their visual offerings become more mature. This maturity improves their level of service, enhances the customer and employee experience, optimizes costs, and generates revenues from upsells.

    For example, a customer who wants to register a new coffee machine can be guided to upload images of the product, serial number, and proof of purchase. The system recognizes the model, validates the warranty, and automatically registers the product in seconds. If more assistance is needed, the customer is transferred to a live agent who already has all the information needed to continue helping the customer.

    Voice assistants, such as Telefónica’s Aura, are designed to reduce customer service costs generated by phone enquiries. Comcast has also introduced a voice remote that allows customers to interact with their Comcast system through natural speech. Similarly, DISH Network’s partnership with Amazon’s Alexa allows customers to search or buy media content by spoken word rather than remote control. Integrating visual support within IVR enables more time-efficient interactions – reducing average handling times (AHT) and customer hold times, and ultimately driving better CX.

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