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Master of Arts in Digital Communication

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    When it comes to the internet, anyone who can get on a network has the benefit of neutrality and open options. The
    type of service that becomes popular depends on the choices of the consumer. There aren't any quantitative limitations
    for content, so those who aren't able to obtain a media outlet or hold unpopular beliefs can still find a vehicle of
    expression. the pre-existing rules and obligations have to be adapted for internet access in a way that doesn't take
    away the freedom of its most vulnerable users. For example, regulation could obligate users to register for sites that
    serve as an information intermediary.
    Professional settings include production houses, television studios, and radio stations, as well as corporate or
    educational settings, where telecommunications professionals may be responsible for producing multimedia projects.

    Jobs in telecommunications include:

    Account executive
    Advertising copywriter
    Disc jockey
    Audio/video editor
    Electronic publication specialist
    Film director
    Media content creator
    Investigative reporter
    Multimedia specialist
    News writer
    Radio/television newscaster
    Script writer
    Social media manager
    Web page designer
    Station programmer
    Sales representative
    News reporter
    Technical writer
    Television director
    Television engineer

    This concept has already been presented by Argentina’s National Communications Entity along with other restrictions on
    emergent technologies. Such measure could chill or put a deep freeze on freedom of expression online. In the broadest
    definition, any site allowing user comments could be made to comply.In another example, regulations exist that govern
    data retention for telecommunications services in countries like Peru and these have no place in monitoring online
    services. Mandatory data retention is already harmful to the privacy rights of telecommunications users. Therefore,
    expanding these regulations to apply to the internet would further damage the privacy rights of users.

    More info: telecommunications engineer

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