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Informatica PowerCenter is an ETL tool used to extract, transform, and load data from sources. We can build enterprise data warehouses with the help of the Informatica PowerCenter. The Informatica PowerCenter produces the Informatica Crop. The Informatica PowerCenter extracts data from its source, transforms it according to requirement, and loads it into a target data warehouse. The main components of Informatica PowerCenter are its client tools, server, repository, and repository server. The PowerCenter server and the repository server make up the ETL layer, which is used to complete the ETL processing. The PowerCenter server executes tasks based on workflow created by workflow managers. The workflow is monitored through a workflow monitor. The jobs are designed by a mapping designer inside the program, which establishes a mapping between source and target. Mapping is a pictorial representation of the flow of data from source to target. Aggregation, filtering, and joining are significant examples of transformation. The Informatica PowerCenter is highly available, fully scalable, and high-performing. PowerCenter provides a platform where we can execute all significant data integration projects and take an initiate all over the enterprises. The Informatica PowerCenter has the following services, such as: - B2B exchange. - Data governance. - Data migration. - Data warehousing. - Data synchronization and replication. - Integration Competency Centers (ICC). - Master Data Management (MDM). - Service-oriented architectures (SOA) and many more. For Joining training batches, please feel free to call or email us. Email:,, Phone: +91- 9148251978, 9008906809 Landline: 08041506795 Website:
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