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Top 2 best techniques to Identify Black Diamonds

Posted by Ashish Sukhadiya
There are several people who found different kinds of stones in mines or sometimes near rivers. Here, many individuals assume that they have found a Natural Black Diamond and assume that it has million dollar value. It’s not possible that every time the stones you found are natural and real. Gemone Diamond is a place where many people came with the stone and say that it's a real black diamond but every time it's not that every stone you brought or you have found is natural. So, today in this video we have shown you how to find out if the Stone you have found is a real Black Diamond or not. Learn with Gemone Diamond How To Identify A Raw Black Diamond. Here I'm presenting a stone that has been brought by an individual, I'm continuously stretching this stone to the rough surface while stretching the only thing I can see is, that it’s only dust and powder type thing that fell on this flat surface. Now if you see this stone which was stretching with naked eyes through a magnifying glass you will notice some stretches the other technique through which you can identify a black diamond is Presidium multi tester3 which is highly preferable for testing Black Diamond. Here, you find this tool easily in the market and it will cost nearly $300. By placing the natural black diamond in front of the tool, the tool will immediately blink as it will show a positive result and by putting the fake stone, the tool will not show any kind of response hence, it will not show any kind of result. This is the basic test through which one can found that whether they are dealing with Real Black Diamond or not. This way you can identify a Raw Black Diamond. For the first time, a Natural Black Diamond was found in the Central African Republic. Generally, the Black African Republic Diamond is seen in Brazil and the Central. In Brazil, there was the largest carbonado found named Sergio. Real Black Diamonds have taken quite the center stage in the jewelry business. Its unique and stunning beauty has increased its popularity in the growing world. If you have a stone and wondering how to identify a raw black diamond then, you can visit the nearest gem laboratory, or also you can visit your trusted jeweler store. If you have not yet purchased Natural Black Diamond and its beautifying jewelry then I must suggest you visit Gemone Diamonds where you will get the natural black diamond and will get to know about its amazing beauty through its magnificent features.
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