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Military application cases of military signal jammers

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The launch of communications satellites, the widespread use of radio waves, and the resulting technologies increase the opportunities and effects of interference. The rise of GPS in the 1970s and the miniaturization of GPS receivers in the 1980s may have been catalysts for the development of new jammers. Applying GPS guidance to munitions enables the United States to develop steerable smart weapons. These weapons are more precise, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced collateral damage in military operations. During the first Gulf War, many countries recognized the importance of this and the versatility of GPS in modern warfare (besides its utility in smart weapons), and in later years, GPS military signal jammer potential is becoming more and more marketable. America's traditional adversaries openly market high-power military jammers at various defense exhibitions. During the Second Gulf War, Iraqi forces placed Russian-sourced jamming devices on or near buildings on important strategic targets. These jammers are designed to confuse cruise missile guidance systems such as Boeing's JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) and Raytheon's BGM-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missile and Enhanced Paveway Missile. There is varying information on the effectiveness of Iraqi interference. British and U.S. forces believe the jammers proved ineffective. In the short term, however, it prompted the coalition to target the jammer with force and rely more on its laser-guidance capabilities. More investment in anti-spoofing and anti-jamming in the long run capabilities in the JDAM suite (even in 2011, there was speculation that North Korea was able to influence South Korea's JDAM arsenal with military jammers), as well as guided weapons specifically developed to locate and target jamming locations.
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