Personalised and Powerful Brain Training Programs

Posted by Tasneem Diwanji
Prevention is better than cure’ the phrase is accurately applicable for brain health. We can prevent our mental health from declining while there still is time. Early interventions can help preserve our future and staying busy is one smart move. Being busy in a combination of multiple day-to-day activities has a significantly strong effect on memory decline. Engaging in activities such as cooking, playing cards or games, reading, walking, or other exercises, doing word puzzles, sewing or knitting, volunteer/charity work etc can play a role in mental health decline. Who knew, ‘busy’ could be so big? Visit - #memoryloss #dementia #alzheimers #memory #brainhealth #memorycare #mentalhealth #braintraining #trainyourbrain #brainnovation #dubai #nairobi
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