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Complete info of antiglare screen for highway

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In this Video, we will discuss details about highway antiglare screen boards. The antiglare screen boards are generally used on highways to prevent drivers from being dazzled by the headlights of oncoming vehicles. In Brazil, there are mostly two types of antiglares screen board: the steel screen that is also used to stop pedestrian crossing on highways, and the plastic antiglare screen board that is a one-block, hollow unit made of a polyethylene cylinder-like material with compact cross-section. Visit- Email- Call Us- +91 9990941114, +91 9813513375 Location- 101, Ecotech -3, Udyog Kendra -2, Greater Noida #Highwayantiglaresmanufacturer #Highwayantiglarescreen #Antiglarescreenforhighways #Plasticantiglaresmanufacturer #HighwayantiglaresBoardmanufacturer
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