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15 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout For Beginners | Introduction to Movements | First Cycling Class

Posted by KatK Fitness
I am KAT K and this is a 15-minute spin workout for beginners that focuses on the introduction to movements and the choreography used in all my classes. If you're new to cycling and new to my classes, this is a great video that will help you follow along at home. And once you know, you'll have more confidence as you complete the other classes as you bring out your inner butt-kicker! This beginner ride is excellent for those just starting indoor cycling or those new to my classes. We walk through different parts of a rhythm cycling class during this 15-minute bike workout to highlight all the moves while still having fun, and completing a very effective workout. Remember! This is your exercise; make any required adjustments, practice perfect form, take longer rest periods if needed, and give it your best! This is your moment, and I want you to enjoy it to the fullest. If you can't do the entire 15 minutes, this workout will be available to you again, and each time you push play, you'll build and burn a bit more, bringing you closer to your goals! We all have to start somewhere, so start now, whether it's 15 minutes or 50 minutes. It will get easier by practicing every day. Check out the full video at - I'm ecstatic that you've come to work out with me; it's always more fun to work out with a friend! Please subscribe to my channel @KAT K FITNESS to get the latest videos about rhythm cycling, 15-minute workouts, sprint class, indoor cycling workouts, fat-burning ideas, and much more! Follow me on Instagram: ** Before you start any exercise program or change your physical activity patterns, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor or physician, especially if you have been inactive, or have or suspect any kind of medical condition that might be affected by exercise. Thanks for watching!
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