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    With the smart thermostat, you may be able to save $50 for one year on the energy bills, base on the Energy Star, and there are some Thermostat manufacturers that claimed that those savings may be able to reach $100 or even more. Before the smart thermost...
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    Plasma gel device - Thermostat APAG

    High quality plasma gel device / PRP-Thermostat with preset programs.

    APAG is the latest dermal filler ideal for true natural augmentation and meets all requirements for modern injections. The only filler that is...  more
    Plasma Gel Device A.P.A.G. | Order online now!
  • prp prpmed
    PRP plasma gel thermostat for the production of filler material with cooling function.

    OFFER! + 20 PRP tubes (value 285,60€)

    High-quality plasma gel thermostat with cooling function for the production of fillers up to 30 ml or to be used as...  more
    PRP Plasma Gel Thermostat| Order online now!
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