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    PRP tubes with melatonin - the best way to get a effective hair treatment.

    A new and innovative hair treatment with PRP tubes and melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the body's sleep cycle. When hair follicles are stimulated, it can...  more
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    PERSONALIZED COSMETICS Serum Cream with its own plasma - new formula with active anti-age ingredients.

    High dose vitamin E, Argireline (Bio-Botulinum), Gingseng, Tripeptide-2 for firm skin, Grape seed extract.

    PRP cream is suitable for daily...  more
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    Your skin is your first line of defence against invading pathogens and diseases, so it's important to take care of it!

    PRP treatment can help the skin look its best. PRP can help reduce acne and eliminate scars, breakouts and wrinkles.

    ...  more
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    Hair Cocktail 5ml Vial


    5ml per vial - sufficient for one treatment
    EN: https://prpmed.de/en/startseite/111-hair-cocktail-5ml-en.html /> GER: https://prpmed.de/en/startseite/111-hair-cocktail-5ml-en.html />
    ...  more
    Hair Cocktail 5ml Vial | prpmed.de
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    PRP plasma gel thermostat for the production of filler material with cooling function.

    OFFER! + 20 PRP tubes (value 285,60€)

    High-quality plasma gel thermostat with cooling function for the production of fillers up to 30 ml or to be used as...  more
    PRP Plasma Gel Thermostat| Order online now!
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