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    Financial Lessons that we learned from the pandemic

    In Covid, we learned important life lessons but in a complex way. So, a wise person learns from their mistakes. Moreover, during the pandemic, the economy of many countries stands still. Now, the...  more
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    How to Make Money during a Pandemic?

    A lot of people are interested in authentic work-from-home job prospects.

    Common causes comprise job loss, pay cuts, isolations, and stay-at-home orders. Your children might be home from school plus you cannot find...  more
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    Small Business Owners Apply for Unemployment

    Paystub makers are a fundamental aspect that plays a vital role in running a business. Apart from this, if you own a small business, then many other things need your attention. We all know that due to the...  more
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    How to prepare your business to skyrocket in the post-pandemic world?

    If we look at the stats, Amazon, Zoom, and other online businesses made considerable progress. Moreover, according to a recent survey, around 15% of US consumers have moved online...  more
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    6 Steps to Keep Your Small Business Going Strong

    These days keeping a small business is very risky. Given that there is economic decline due to the aftereffects of coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, the market situation is challenging and uncertain.

    ...  more
  • In this video, #TherapistArlene speak to you about the special challenges of being on your own in these testing times. The #pandemic has isolated us from the daily #socialdistancing of human interaction due to the lockdown restrictions being placed all...  more
    Hello all.I am Arlene B. Englander, a licensed, Columbia University trained psychotherapist, with over 25 years of clinical experience.In this video, I speak...
  • Jasper Colin
    The pandemic acted as a catalyst to the digital healthcare revolution. JCR Healthcare closely monitors several interesting trends here! The digital healthcare revolution is going to set a new pace for the healthcare industry. Our more than one decade of...  more