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    KIPIC Mesotherapy needles are hypodermic disposable needles. With the best quality / value ratio, the KIPIC brings injection comfort to the professional with a pointy bevel, nice safety and are straightforward to...  more
    KIPIC® Mesotherapy needle 30G 4mm  PU 100 piece
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    Princess VOLUME (1 x 1ml) - cross-linked hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid skin fold filler for advanced treatment. Contains highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel. With high elasticity and the ability to increase skin volume, it allows you to...  more
    Princess® VOLUME (1 x 1ml) - cross-linked hyaluronic acid
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    Dermalfiller Overage - red/crosslinked - Deep. Universal filler and natural volumizing.

    Ideal for:

    - create a naturally flowing volume
    - natural filling regions minus tissue
    - perfect filling of medium deep and deep wrinkles
    - correction of...  more
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