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    iPhone or iPad: How to manage Data Usage
    Are you unable to manage data usage on your iPhone or iPad, and because of that, you often find yourself out of the data limit and pay additional charges?
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    iPhone or iPad: How to manage Data Usage
  • Azalea  Yates
    Automatically Trash Emails from Blocked Senders on iPhone and iPad

    The Mail app comes pre-installed on Apple devices and is highly preferred by people using iPhone and iPad. Blocking a contact means you won’t receive any messages or emails from that...  more
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    A Guide to Automatically Close Safari Tabs on iPhone and iPad
    https://nortoncomsetup.uk-listings.com/a-guide-to-automatically-close-safari-tabs-on-iphone-and-ipad/ /> #iPhone #iPad #Safari Tabs
    For most iPhone, iPad, and all other iOS device users, Safari...  more