• Amit Chaudhary
    Jasper Colin Research agile methodologies and a decade long expertise in healthcare intelligence help us to ensure clients satisfaction across the globe. We offer full-spectrum healthcare business intelligence execution in segments, such as pharma and...  more
  • Amit Chaudhary
    The pandemic acted as a catalyst to the digital healthcare revolution. JCR Healthcare closely monitors several interesting trends here! The digital healthcare revolution is going to set a new pace for the healthcare industry. Our more than one decade of...  more
  • Pooja Deshmukh
    Wondrx, a digital platform for all healthcare related services. for more information
    https://www.wondrx.com/ /> #healthcare #doctorapp
  • Jack Wilson
    AI Systems for Medical Organisations

    AI #Systems for #Medical #Organisations improve the experience of healthcare practitioners, enabling them to spend more time in direct patient care. At #Clinithink they specialize in innovative thinking and new #AI...  more