• Gunjan Yadav
    Cripsy Flaky Cotton Candy at UK

    Soan Papdi, is a crisp, flaky and melt-in-your-mouth confection that sends your taste buds into a blissful journey with each bite. So delicate and fine are the threads of this dessert, it is the original cotton candy...  more
  • Gunjan Yadav
    Online mithai delivery uk

    Mithai a significant element in Indian cuisine. You can now enjoy these indian mithai in uk at your door step simply order from haldiramuk. Which provides you the online mithai delivery uk.

    #haldiramuk...  more
  • Gunjan Yadav
    Hassle free buy tin sweets in uk

    Taste the best authentic Indian sweets from the wide range of Haldiramuk like rasgulla, gulab jamun, rasmalai and many more. The tins are made from prime Sheets with food grade lacquer which ensures a healthy and...  more
  • Gunjan Yadav
    Ambient Indian sweets in UK
    Indian sweets are the confectionery and desserts of the Indian subcontinent. Over its long history, cuisines of the Indian subcontinent developed a diverse array of sweets. sometimes served with a meal, and often included as a...  more
  • Gunjan Yadav
    Crispy Namkeen Snacks In UK
    Namkeen or Namkin are Hindi words for crispy salty foods. The word is probably derived from the Hindi word for salt, which is Namak. A crunchy savory snack, they're ribbon-like strips of pastry delicately seasoned with cumin...  more
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