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    Princess VOLUME (1 x 1ml) - cross-linked hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid skin fold filler for advanced treatment. Contains highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel. With high elasticity and the ability to increase skin volume, it allows you to...  more
    Princess® VOLUME (1 x 1ml) - cross-linked hyaluronic acid
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    Princess Filler is a universal product suitable for various aesthetic treatments such as the correction of moderate facial wrinkles and lines and the enhancement of lip volume.

    The product can be used for all areas of the face, especially for perioral...  more
    Princess® FILLER - crosslinked hyaluronic acid (1 x 1ml)
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    Dermalfiller Overage - red/crosslinked - Deep. Universal filler and natural volumizing.

    Ideal for:

    - create a naturally flowing volume
    - natural filling regions minus tissue
    - perfect filling of medium deep and deep wrinkles
    - correction of...  more
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