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    VI - Density Life Platelets is designed to allow the preparation of blood components (platelet gel, fibrin gel, bone marrow cell gel) in an easy, safe and fast way.

    The medical device is intended for the handling of autologous blood products.

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  • prp prpmed
    If you want to extract plasma for PRP treatment, the less time and steps you have to spend on the process, the better. That is why our PRP tubes are already equipped with anticoagulants and separating gel.

    - Safe, fast and convenient plasma...  more
  • prp prpmed
    Use these prp tubes for fast, high-quality plasma separation.

    This product contains anticoaugulant and separating gel, so you can use it for plasma production in short time.

    PRP has a number of advantages. The treatment can improve skin texture and...  more
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