• The Contribution of Machine Learning in Cyber security

    The benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) are now broadly acknowledged as a result of the increasing complexity of contemporary information systems and the resulting ever-increasing volume of...  more
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    Machine Learning, is a key technology for both present and future information systems, and it is already used in many different fields. The ability to use supervised or unsupervised ML algorithms is the distinctive feature of ML applications for cyber ris...
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    IoT Cloud Platform
    Under this 3 Year, 72 million dollar IDIQ GuROO will provide network infrastructure design, engineering, and installation support to include, inside/outside plant, Radio Frequency (RF) infrastructure, logistic management, program management,...  more
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    https://greenhaveninteractive.com/search-engine-optimization/ - To reach our customers to show the product and services by search engine optimization by technical concepts to reach the leads with help of a skilled team.
  • SIRT Bhopal
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