• Aashna Khanna
    SuiteCRM Email to Lead is data parsing software specially designed for the #SuiteCRM. It scans the #email inbox and automatically parses the necessary information from emails.
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  • Foduu India
    This is the era of #websites and every #business big or small, ought to possess a website if you desire to have a strong digital presence. So if you are still not having one for your business, its high time you get it designed with the help of and expert...  more
  • tony morgan
    tony morgan wrote a new blog entry:
    Why Should I Invest My Money in Real Estate Business?
  • Aashna Khanna
    Email to Lead is an optimal solution for automated #leadgeneration in CRM. It can capture data from #webforms and create records in #CRM or scan the emails and extract relevant data from them.
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  • Foduu India
    Every master looks up to #WebDevelopment once in a while to reach new heights in their #business, regardless of what business they own. Owners must, in any case, choose #website development and have their effort recognised online. When they decide to...  more
  • Indiantour Travel
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    10 reasons why India is your next destination to travel
  • Pay Stubs
    How To Make Remote Employees Feel Included?

    Every employee who works in the company wants to feel included and engaged in the workplace culture. But it can be more difficult for the employees who work remotely and don’t have the opportunity to build...  more