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    Lactoferrin cream helps against bruising and bruises.

    A complex formulation based on lactoferrin, aloe and hyaluronic acid, fully consolidates the aesthetic treatment result.

    Lactoferrin cream intervenes in the removal of redness and skin dyschromia...  more
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    Unique regenerating PRP cream! Can be used in combination with your own plasma. The personalized cosmetic PRP serum can promote cell renewal, provide nutrition and moisturize the skin, prevent skin aging and resist inflammation. It is especially...  more
    Basis Serum Creme für PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
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    Effective PRP Serum Cream. - Eye care Creams
  • prp prpmed
    https://prpmed.de/en/startseite/87-plasma-booster-baseserum-cream.html />
    PERSONALIZED COSMETICS PRP Serum Cream with its own plasma - new formula with active anti-age ingredients.

    High dose vitamin E, Argireline (organic botulinum), Ginseng, Tripeptide-2...  more
    Plasma Booster - Base/Serum Cream | Order online now!
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