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    he constant change in the tech world has given rise to incredible ideas and projects that have had the power to bring drastic changes. One of such innovative ideas is food delivery apps. Food Delivery Apps brought ease and cost-effectiveness to their...  more
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    5 Things That Could Be Costing You Extra Money

    Millennials account for a sizable portion of the population and have significant purchasing power. While data shows that millennials are quite excellent at saving for longer-term financial objectives, they...  more
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    Facebook changed its company name to "Meta" | World Web Technology


    Facebook announced that it has changed its company name to "Meta" on Thursday

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    Top Marketing tips- To Grow Your Business Faster 路 #1. Set a Goal and a Budget 路 #2. Build Your Influence 路 #3. Champion One Social Channel etc... #marketing #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #branding #business #smallbusiness #marketingstrategy visit...  more