What are the types of boats for rent in Tenerife.

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    December 11, 2022 6:59 AM PST

    What are the types of boats for rent in Tenerife.

    Yachts for cruises and walks have enough usable space, a swim platform, several cabins, a comfortable latrine and a galley. Equipped with appropriate equipment, roomy water and fuel tanks guarantee a significant power reserve without visiting marinas. In the cabin there is multimedia with a speaker system and a TV.

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    Fishing boats are equipped with useful fishing equipment — the i-Pilot trolling system, rod holders, aerators, fish finder echo sounders, downriggers, necessary gear operating in the proposed water area.

    There is no need to be afraid for the safety of the deck covering — after all, this is a fishing vessel. Motor boats for diving and coastal recreation have powerful engines, a wide stable ladder, a GPS anchor control system, a communication system with a diver, are perfectly controlled.

    Tenants are offered boats with a rigid hull. On board, you will be able to comfortably secure and decompose equipment, use useful devices. Yachts for holidays are equipped with yacht dishes, refrigerators, powerful "music", lighting equipment. The interior upholstery is made in such a way that even spilled red wine does not leave traces. The maximum free space of the deck will allow the guests of the event to communicate comfortably. Sports vessels for participation in regattas and races are chosen by supporters of active recreation. High-speed motor boats, racing sailing yachts with full armament, rowing vessels for individual or team competitions. If you are a fan of water attractions — wake, water skiing, hydrofoil, "banana" or "cheesecake" — this type of craft is created for you.

    A water taxi will take travelers to the island they like, introduce them to the surroundings, and conduct an interesting tour of the most interesting places.

    This is the best way to get acquainted with the beauties of coastal nature and architecture from the sea with limited time. Boats for photo shoots are in demand by professional photographers and lovers of marine photography. On board there are convenient dry lockers for photographic equipment, rails for mounting tripods, onboard power for recharging batteries of photo and video equipment. The attractive appearance allows you to use a rental yacht as a shooting prop.