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Best Forex Scalping Method

  • April 21, 2021
    Scalping is different from casual day trading and tends to cause a
    lot of problems for brokers due to a high amount of orders. Some brokers
    dont allow scalping outright; others raise the spreads until it becomes
    unprofitable.To get more news about Forex Scalping Method, you can visit official website.

      Most brokers do not advertise that they do not support scalpers, so
    you need to ask their support or scout their websites looking for
    favorable conditions. Heres what you need to check for:

      · Tight spreads. Some brokers offer Premium accounts with 0 spreads for an additional fee, look out for those.

      · Leverage. If you are confident in your scalping skills, leverage
    is a great way to increase your profits. Just learn about the brokers
    margin call protocols; sometimes they are not suitable for scalping.

      · Trading platform. You should know your trading platform as the
    back of your hand. Also, it should allow for quick order management,
    ideally — in a single click.

      · Response speed. Slow broker systems may lead to slippage and
    sudden losses of otherwise profitable positions. Always check out how
    responsive your brokers system is.

      · Reliable support. Sometimes things go wrong, and you need a fast
    way to reach out to your broker. Having a number to call or an open chat
    window allows to salvage the most out of a bad situation — as long as
    the support is competent.

      If you dont want to waste time looking for options, JustForex has
    pretty decent ECN Zero accounts. The commission from each trade is not
    ideal but the spreads are absurdly tight, and the response speed is
    stellar. They are also using MetaTrader 4 without any modifications
    while their support is proactive and easy-to-reach.

      Step 2. Pick a Market

      You want to trade on the markets that have the most liquidity —
    which pretty much locks you into the major currency pairs. The best of
    the bunch are:

      · EUR/USD and GDP/USD. The Brexit conundrum reigns supreme over the
    British and European currencies. Almost every day brings more and more
    news that sway the market.

      · USD/JPY. The disturbances in the American politics resonate well
    with this currency pair — even if Japan is going through a period of
    relative calmness.

      Although, you can trade on any other currency pair too. The only
    problem would be the low number of situations you can take advantage of —
    however, this might be less stressful and ultimately beneficial for

      Step 3. Establish Your Workplace

      With most strategies, you can take a moment to read the news, have a
    drink or watch a cartoon. Scalping, however, is a never-ending chain of
    deals that demand your constant attention.

      If you want to be a successful scalper, you need to create an
    environment where you wont be distracted by the outside world. If you
    work from home, consider creating a separate room only for work.

      1. Find the least-trafficked room. Otherwise, either your roommates
    will distract you, or you will have to intrude on their lives. If you
    live alone, ignore this point.

      2. Remove all distractions nearby.While you might want to read a
    book on your lunch break, you should do it in a different room. Without
    distractions, you will be able to concentrate on your work and wont be
    tempted to look away from the charts. You can make a case for a fidget
    cube or a hand grip, but everything else has to go.

      3. Get comfortable. You are going to spend at least 8 hours a day
    in this room, so get a soft chair and a table that fits your height. A
    large screen, an ergonomic keyboard, and a vertical mouse will be a

      4. Declutter often. Remove the unnecessary stuff from both your
    real and virtual workplaces. All those paper piles, dirty coffee mugs,
    and other knick-knacks have to go away before you begin trading. Same
    goes for the unused desktop icons, browser toolbars, and other

      Finally, dont forget to take the eye-breaks every half-an-hour — just closing them for a minute or two will help.

      Step 4. Begin Scalping

      There are many theories behind scalping but if you want to make
    money here and now — the easiest one is a so-called “calm river”
    strategy. Its not as profitable as the full-on scalping but allows for
    some leniency and will serve as a great introduction.