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Progressive Die Stampings

  • April 20, 2021
    Progressive stamping, also known as progressive die stamping or
    progressive metal stamping, is a form of metal stamping. It combines
    bending, coining forming, cutting, and other metal stamping techniques
    with an automatic feeding system. The feeding system unrolls a strip of
    coiled metal and pushes it through various stations in a progressive
    stamping die, each one performing a different operation with every
    stroke of the press until the metal strip reaches the end.To get more
    news about progressive die, you can visit official website.
    metal stamping that uses a stamping die is one of the most effective
    techniques for mass-producing complicated metal stampings. It relies on
    the metal strip advancing forward in a precise manner so that each
    operation performed by the die is accurate.
    Many progressive stamping
    machines involve custom tooling, allowing them to create a die
    appropriate to a specific part or component. Some common metals used in
    progressive die stamping include aluminum, brass, steel, stainless
    steel, and copper. Progressive metal stamping has applications in many
    industries, including food and beverage, automotive, electronics,
    appliances, and more.