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  • Feb 21
    Precision metal stamping refers to the manufacturing process starting
    from sheet metal coil placed into the stamping machine. Once the feeds
    reach the forming station, the die set installed inside the stamping
    machine punches the material into desired shapes. After the sheet metal
    is made into a net shape by the die set, the manufacture could be
    completed in stages. The die set is designed in accordance with the
    shape of the finished products. The stamping process can be done through
    various methods such as bending, punching, flanging, embossing,
    extrusion, extension and shearing. It could involve single-stage motion
    or multiple methods applied in stages on sheet metal or non-metallic
    material.To get more news about auto stamping parts, you can visit tenral official website.

    The choice of the type of stamping presses and manufacturing process
    depends on the complexity of the finished products with other factors
    including the material, thickness, measurements and quantities taken
    into consideration. Generally speaking, micro or miniature complex
    precision metal stamping parts in large quantities such as terminals and
    connectors widely used in the electronics industry are usually
    manufactured with high-speed presses and progressive dies. Whereas large
    progressive stamping parts in smaller quantities are usually
    manufactured with heavy-duty presses of higher tonnage capabilities and
    single-stage dies. We offer flexible solutions for various business
    needs. In the case of even smaller order quantities due to unsteady
    annual demands, we offer manufacturing options of NCT punch processing
    (Numerical Control Turret Punch Press), which would help our customers
    avoid pricey die set design and development costs in precision stamping

    Our stamping presses come in various tonnage and configurations in
    the manufacture of all sorts of sheet metal stamped parts. We run
    stand-alone operations or multiple automation production lines along
    with real-time monitoring system to manufacture products of extensive
    spectrums of applications. Our specialists possess abundant experience
    to provide services ranging from material selection and design of most
    efficient dies, and always strive to meet any requirement specification
    from customers. Our expertise includes production of high-precision and
    top-quality stamped parts with the following materials: