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Payment Gateways Report: Top Providers

  • December 17, 2020
    Payment Gateways Report: Top Providers

      This is a preview of
    The Payments Gateways research report from Business Insider
    Intelligence.Purchase this report.Business Insider Intelligence offers
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    Subscribe today to receive industry-changing banking news and analysis
    to your inbox.As global retail e-commerce volume soars from an estimated
    $3.1 trillion in 2018 to an expected $5.8 trillion in 2024, Business
    Insider Intelligence projects that the revenue that companies offering
    payments gateways — the online payments offerings that process
    e-commerce payments — can collect as fees will rise apace, increasing
    from $82 billion to $138 billion over the same period.To get more news
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    Gateways are getting increasingly sophisticated: They're becoming
    easier to integrate and incorporating value-added services outside of
    just payments processing, such as fraud detection/prevention and
    transaction analytics. Each new service grants providers an additional
    opportunity to upsell clients and drive greater revenue.But no single
    provider dominates the payments gateways market, and there are several
    giants in the space, each following a different strategy in its rise to
    prominence. In The Payments Gateways Report, Business Insider
    Intelligence gives an account of the most important aspects of five
    major payments gateway providers, including their histories, vital
    details, and some of their major clients; analyzes the factors that have
    contributed to their rise to prominence; and discusses top tactics to
    sustain growth into the future. We then briefly take a look at a
    noncomprehensive list of other noteworthy providers that merit
    mentioning. Finally, we provide insights into the best practices that
    payments gateway providers should observe to succeed in this highly
    competitive market.The companies mentioned in this report are: Adyen,
    Alipay, Amazon Pay, BlueSnap, Braintree, Cybersource, Ingenico, Klarna,
    PayU, Square, Stripe, Verifone, WeChat Pay, WePay, WorldpayHere are some
    of the key takeaways from the report:As global retail e-commerce grows,
    the opportunity for the payments gateway providers that process online
    transactions to collect fees for their services is becoming even more
    massive, expected to surge from an estimated $82 billion in 2018 to $138
    billion in 2024.To maximize this opportunity, payments gateway
    providers are stretching across the payments value chain and proving new
    value-added services, creating more opportunities to drive revenue from
    merchant clients.But no one provider is dominating the market and
    competition remains as stiff as ever as providers compete to establish
    an advantage in terms of scale (e.g. merchant segments, geography,
    completeness of solution) or merchant-facing factors (e.g. price, ease
    of integration, channels).The vastly different approaches taken by the
    giants in the payments gateways space reveal some best practices that
    providers should take note of to optimize their chances of success.In
    full, the report:Describes what payments gateways are, the metrics by
    which providers' performances are measured, and the ways they can
    establish competitive advantages.Provides a competitive showcase
    analyzing five major payments gateway providers in depth.Discusses
    selected other payments gateway providers that are relevant in the
    space.Recommends some best practices for succeeding in the hotly
    competitive payments gateway market.Interested in getting the full
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