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Is Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers Pollution?

  • August 30, 2020
    The LED street lights of [u]Led Ufo Lights Manufacturers[/u] are becoming more and more popular and concerned. This LED street light is the protagonist of the lighting era and has aroused opinions from all parties. Some people will say that LED street lights are very good and are "energy-saving assistants". At the same time, some people say, LED street lights are the culprit of pollution? Is it really like this?

    The lifespan of semiconductor devices used in LED street lights is 50,000 hours, and the electricity used for lighting in my country has reached 250 billion kWh. The energy crisis has intensified, and lighting electricity accounts for 20%. Energy saving is imperative. It is a trend that LED street lights replace traditional high-pressure sodium lights.

    LED lamps generally use precise light distribution, where there is light where it is needed, and there is no light when it is not needed. Therefore, the light of the general LED street lamp is irradiated on the road, while the traditional light source sodium lamp is scattered around, and the wasted light will then become light pollution. At present, the urban lighting lamps have a large amount of sodium yellow light. This kind of light has strong penetrating power, coupled with the flashing commercial neon lights and the strong light of the crane tower, forming the city's night light pollution. The impact of this on astronomical observation is basically devastating, so it is difficult for us to see a clean starry sky. In general, the use of high-quality LED lighting can reduce the light pollution of the city at night to a certain extent.

    Some LED street lights of [u]Led Flood Light Factory[/u] have a five-year warranty, reliable quality and energy-saving effect, but the price of corresponding LED street lights is slightly higher than the market price. There is no doubt that LED street lights will replace traditional street lights.

    In addition, as the pace of replacing LED street lights in cities around the world accelerates, high-pressure sodium lamps, the culprit of night light pollution, will be replaced in large numbers. In addition, the government’s planning and management of night lighting in cities will become increasingly standardized. It is believed that night light pollution in cities will be Significant improvement.