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Rubber Extrusion Production Line-High Efficiency

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    February 25, 2020
    We provide a wide range of rubber vulcanizing machine, ranging.Ever since our inception, we are serving the needs of our clients with a primary assortment of rubber vulcanizing machine.Long-lasting and performance-oriented are the highlights of our machines.

      We provide turnkey solution and technical service, for complete machinery installation and production line planning.It is made by a team of veteran professionals using top quality materials, following the norms and guidelines.Not only can more reasonable vulcanization conditions be established, but intelligent control can be achieved.

      Rubber extrusion production line make a wide range of shapes and products that are invaluable in everyday home life, such as rubber trim, weather-stripping.Our ability to design and cut dies, and reverse engineer products for our clients makes us an unparalleled choice in the extrusion and fabrication market.

      In general, rubber extrusion production line are valued as sealants and gaskets because they offer such excellent flexibility, impermeability and resilience.Rubber extrusion production line is a process which forces uncured rubber compounds through a die and into the desired shape. Once extruded it is immediately cured.