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Your teacher will have another PSO2 Meseta mission for you

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    Apr 19
    Your teacher will have another PSO2 Meseta mission for you (degree 45) which will provide you another 5 skill points. Don't forget to do those assignments for your course and your subclass. In case you've got better weapons and components, good. Additionally, now it is a good idea to get your rings grinded to at least +10. At this point you probably can do the Episode two of this story. Again: it isn't a sin to follow along with the story in Easy mode; you could always return to create it in tough mode when you have more better and level weapons. Don't forget to maintain claming your names. And keep doing Urgent Quests.

    Now you can enter Extreme Quests. These kinds of quests aren't really difficult to finish, but they pose challenges which, if not finished, interfere with the higher levels of their Extreme Quest. In addition you have access to Super Difficult heights of Advanced Quests. Now, it is time for your weapons and components to be rarity 10* or high, grinded as large as possible. Your rings must already be +20.

    With your weapons and units at maximum, now is the time for you. Bear in mind that these aren't tools and the sole guides: there are many more, but you have to look for them. And at this stage, you will be able also do Episodes 1 and 2 in hard mode, and to complete this story's Episode 3. Don't forget to keep claiming your names. Keep enjoying buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta, improving your weapons, rings and units, increasing your other classes to level 75, and awaiting another episode in the narrative!