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the founder of Dofus Kamas Remastered

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    Apr 6
    We are also talking with the founder of Dofus Kamas Remastered, a project that intends to enhance the visual aspect of the game whilst retaining its own special charm, so as to integrate part or all of what it offers.We would love to take this opportunity to clarify our position on third-party software that modify the behaviour or appearance of DOFUS. For your protection, these initiatives are not supported by us. Utilizing this kind of program exposes you to security flaws (deliberate or accidental) which make it possible to use your private data (documents, contact information, buddy list, social networking, bank account, etc.) and may also create inequality between players (amount of feasible actions, activity clarity, etc.).

    However, we recognize the worth of this job offered by DOFUS Remastered so we need to provide you these improvements in a legitimate and secure way by working with its creator.You'll have to be a bit patient to appreciate how DOFUS Retro is evolving, but we're eager to provide you with this fantastic news, which was made possible by your enthusiasm!

    The thing about remastered is that all Ankama must do is export all of their old assets. There is not any requirement to vector anything, because the Dofus art was vectored in the first location. They just decided to create spectacle components into jpegs- likely for both performance, and customer size. I've been tempted to get the pack that was remastered, but only to substitute landscape components which have heights of artifacting. Anything more is unnecessary beyond the creator's preferences.

    Although the Temporis servers are themed about Bonta versus Brakmar, the rivalry between the Town and the White City is nothing new. You know them but for several years Amayiro and Oto Mustam, his Brakmarian counterpart, have gotten into the habit of writing each other some fairly letters.We are fortunate to join our staff and work together with you to offer you this immense playing area -- imperfect as it is, however, full of charm and surprises -- and to develop this epic story. We are infinitely grateful that you've followed us and continue to think in DOFUS. And since you are loved by us, we've cooked up a few surprises for you. We hope you like them! A and unique new event is going to Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro take place, and everyone who's ever dreamed of walking Ankama's halls will get a chance to do so. At least virtually!