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Precautions For Operation Of Sheet Metal Parts

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    October 29, 2019
    In mechanical manufacturing activities, the proper use of tools is important and needs to be secured. When the metal plate parts are in the processing operation, especially in this aspect, what should be paid attention to in the operation? This is everyone's concern. Now, together with Xiaobian, look at the use of the metal plate parts. The operator should How to do it, don't neglect the processing of [u]Sheet Metal Parts[/u], which is related to the safe use of equipment, and needs to attract our attention, so let's look at it.

    Metal plate parts processing operation precautions

    1. Before using the tool, the full-time electrician should check whether the wiring is correct and prevent the accident caused by the wrong connection between the neutral line and the phase line.

    2. For long-term use of tools that are not used or damp, the electrical insulation should be measured by an electrician to meet the requirements.

    3. The flexible cable or cord that comes with the tool must not be connected. When the distance between the power supply and the working place is long, the mobile electric lock box should be used.

    4. The original plug of the tool must not be removed or changed at will. When the original plug is damaged, it is strictly forbidden to directly insert the wire of the wire into the socket without using the plug.

    5. If the tool casing and handle are broken, they should be stopped and replaced.

    This article mainly shares with you the details that should be paid attention to when handling metal sheet parts. Check whether the line is correct before use, and replace the parts in time. If you want to choose a quality [u]Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box[/u], nbstarlite welcomes your message and consultation.